(:30) George Whitesides is pushing the envelope

(0:49) Space inspires George

(1:29) George's history with NASA and his journey to the private sector

(2:44) We want to get everyone a chance to be up in space

(3:35) Whitesides loves Earth, he doesn't want to leave as a dump

(4:20) Mining asteroids

(5:00) Richard Branson

(7:21) Other projects in space travel with various businesses

(8:25) Most fun space fact and most strange space fact

(9:20) Paranoia

(9:55) Importance of curiosity

(10:10) The dream of opening up space

(10:38) Touching stories in Virgin Galactic's interface

(11:30) She's waited 50 years for your space shuttle

(12:24) 3-D Printing and AI are getting developed

(12:50) Advances in Health

(13:25) Cheating death or improving the quality of life?

(13:54) Making contributions through your actions

(14:00) Eliminating scarcity throughout the world

(14:37) Spaceship Earth, taking care of it

(15:15) Eric James' trip to space photography

(15:50) Impacting the planet from outside the solar system

(16:30) How we can all help Virgin Galactic


Three key points:

  1. We'll be able to leave this Earth soon, but it's still important that we watch and take care of it.
  2. The Future is closer than it's ever been.
  3. Life always has meaning because life always has more opportunity


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