Time stamped show notes:

[1:00] A day off in the life of an entrepreneur

[1:24] Stefan's recent business ventures

[2:40] Write it down.

[5:04] Closing the middle deals

[6:12] A genuine interest

[6:40] Becoming a rockstar to make money

[7:20] Moving to the real estate game

[8:23] Falling into the information game

[9:16] Being into the entrepreneurial sphere as opposed to real estate

[10:13] Feeding a fisherman to teach fishermen

[10:42] Getting over scarcity mindset

[12:22] BE THANKFUL.

[13:20] Payed with gratitude and money

[14:38 Money = value added x leverage

[15:24] Give more so you can get more.

[16:00] Be abundant yet be smart.

[18:04] Economy is just a giant game of hot potato.

[19:03] Banks got nothing on your currency.

[20:04] Government gets in there.

[22:08] Sweden is cashless, but they can go crypto.

[24:11] A brave new world that's connected

[26:00] Trump

[27:10] Getting others on your team, like Trump did

[29:06] Create a job or get replaced by AI.

[30:22] Back to Industrial Revolution

[31:54] Participating in a larger economy

[33:42] Start big so you can go small.

[35:20] Ignore the middle section.

[37:10] Learn to hunt so you don't starve while you hunt.

[39:00] Live and learn.

[39:57] Don't be so focused on making $100K/year that you don't make the $100/day.

[40:52] How to sell somebody your idea is to sell yourself first.

[43:12] Mindset

[46:12] Don't create; document.

Three key points:

  1. Stefan Aarnio is not in the real estate game as much as he is in the entrepreneur game.
  2. Give more so you can get more.
  3. Our economy is, in a way, moving back to the industrial revolution with a 21st century technological twist.

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Last question:

If you are on the same path as Stefan Arnio toward total control over your income and production, or perhaps that's your goal, he wants you to get in touch with him. If this matches the person that you are, then get in contact with him at http://stefanaarnio.com or http://respectthegrind.com.

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