Time stamped show notes:

[2:24] Blockchain is…

[3:04] Alan Turning was the first one to do BlockChain.

[4:14] Safety of BlockChain

[5:00] Future of BlockChain

[5:50] Scaling of BlockChain

[8:00] Mining BitCoin

[9:23] Holding the future of BlockChain

[10:36] Bitcoin: Currency or Investment?

[12:06] Use of token

[13:36] Bitcoin can potentially save the economy from future economy crashes.

[16:35] Bitcoin has a better investment portfolio than Apple.

[17:12] Brad has a Bitcoin course.

[18:10] Bitcoin can change and possibly fix our economy.

[18:40] Bitcoin is the Wild Wild West for investing.

[19:43] How can Bitcoin bring power back to the people?

[20:34] Improvement of society through AI and Bitcoin

[21:40] Scarcity

[23:00] Technology never solves anything

[24:20] Scarcity helped tribes survive. We are globally connected and dependent now.

[26:06] Ability Issues vs. Belief Issues

[27:03] Spending more time in creation mode

[28:40] Social Media's eradication of isolation

[29:36] Private companies are not communist.

[30:50] Taking ownership of your data

[32:26] Free Speech Communication

[33:30] Bitcoin can be used to survive, Venezuelans

[35:26] Preventing Bitcoin from being used for evil

[36:22] People will find a way to meet their need, for good or for bad.

[39:40] Making legal or illegal

[41:30] Governments will adopt cryptocurrency as a currency.

[42:28] Reading the crypto market

[44:01] Speculating on demand and supply

[45:00] Compromisation of Bitcoin

[48:00] Bitcoin is all different and unique.

[49:14] Regulatory Risk

[51:20] Fallacies of Bitcoin

[52:20] Too good to be true

[53:40] Rule of Start-ups

Three key points:

  1. Block Chain and Bitcoin's effect on the economy and society
  2. Isolation and Scarcity
  3. The potential downsides of Bitcoin

Resources mentioned:

Brad's Crypto Course


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