Time Stamped Show Notes:

[1:20] Kevin Crenshaw's intro

[2:02] Deciding to make a change in himself

[2:34] Fitness saved Kevin's life

[3:42] Fulfilling your heart over your wallet

[4:50] Workout for your business

[6:10] Attacking goals

[7:58] Fitness bleeds into other aspects of your life

[9:16] Emotional strength

[11:06] Couchsurfing to fitness instructor

[12:14] Not burning yourself out

[13:40] Change your life or change your perspective

[15:08] If you're burnt out then you can't help anybody else

[16:26] Integrity check marks

[19:32] Psychology

[23:11] Dating psychology from a man's perspective

[24:20] Potential red flags a relationship isn't going well

[25:40] Man up and help a Sister out

[26:22] What can you fix in the relationship?

[27:17] Relationships are a place for people to give, not receive

[28:21] Not your responsibility or your qualification

[32:08] Kevin is proud of himself

[33:40] Everybody has something to offer

[35:36] Entrepreneurs create before they consume


3 Main Points:

  1. Kevin got into fitness to save himself from a depressive state when he was in high school
  2. Over-achievers burn themselves out to where they are no longer able to achieve anything because they've become so exhausted
  3. Through giving to others being our focus at the start of relationships, our friendships and love-life will improve drastically

Last Question:

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