Time stamped show notes:

[0:43] Why Lynn came out to San Diego

[1:58] Starting at dog beds

[3:36] Being an entrepreneur without being INTO entrepreneur

[4:46] Falling into entrepreneurship

[6:00] Urban Sitter?

[6:40] Finding the right way to be an urban sitter

[8:26] Building a team around your weaknesses

[10:03] The right playbook gets you the right scale

[11:11] Her system with finding the right niche in New York and Brooklyn

[12:24] Traffic breakdown

[12:52] Organic traffic

[15:11] Linking sitters

[16:10] Leads

[16:50] Pages of the Perkins Playbook

[17:50] Scaling marketing costs

[18:48] Decisive action

[19:34] To be a CEO you need to get rid of your ego

[20:36] You need some reserves in case things get rougher

[22:08] Growing beyond 60 cities

[24:11] Expanding your business in all aspects

[25:56] What could disrupt the babysitter industry?

[26:34] Using complex algorithms in the matching software

[28:10] Inspirational women

[29:23] More entrepreneurial women

[30:40] Open to criticism

[32:00] Feedback is simply a way to improve

[33:28] Ask for help

[36:00] Take action so you can help others


3 Main Points:

  1. Lynn Perkins fell into the entrepreneurial world and learned as she went
  2. A good CEO kicks their ego to the curb and allows themselves to be coached
  3. Inspirational women in the entrepreneurial world


Resources Mentioned:


Lynn at Urbansitter dot com


Last Question:

Companies to make this childcare urgent

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