Time Stamped Show Notes:

[1:22] Floyd's Tech Conference

[2:00] Be on the path of learning and meditation

[2:29] Common thread of Floyd's technology and learning interests

[3:08] The community

[3:40] Universal Based Income (UBI)

[4:28] Floyd's community has found harmony and consensus

[6:24] Deciphering the DISC test

[6:58] Management aspect is geared towards those who are a high C

[7:14] Roles for those of the operational nature

[7:50] Team sizes can affect use of DISC

[11:14] The three horizons of innovation

[14:04] Differences in partners is sometimes key to success

[15:57] UBI

[17:50] A vision of the economy through Floyd's eyes

[21:12] Inflammation in an UBI

[24:36] Net cost vs gross cost in UBI

[26:18] UBI in smaller governments

[26:59] Taxing collectively owned resources

[30:44] Fear has a power in economy

[31:16] Consistent unfair proportion of wealth is dangerous

[32:46] Doom is coming?

[34:00] Hiring because you can and should

[35:58] The vector for helping humanity in UBI

[36:02] Long-term perspective

[37:20] No fear results in more humanity

[39:20] Payed for unpaid work

[40:16] Civic collective duty

[42:28] Gig-economy

[43:00] The precariat

[46:43] Pilots for based income

[50:17] Freedom with having money

[51:00] Not worshipping money

[53:23] The perverse incentives

[55:08] Fraud in welfare in insurance

[56:03] Perverse politics

[57:20] Perverse Monopoly

[57:50] Garden economy

[59:03] Unfair

[59:53] A start up

[1:01:04] Pure capitalism during Red Scare

[1:02:22] Feeding and clothing the world by choice

[1:03:30] Be okay with tax

[1:04:10] Sharing is caring


3 Main Topics:


  1. Variety in a company's leadership is crucial. According to your business model and niche you need to mix up your executives strengths and weaknesses
  2. Universal Based Incomes
  3. We are able to help the world if we choose. We create abundance but choose to limit it and hinder from giving it to the masses.


Resources Mentioned


The Three Horizons of Innovation

The LEAN Startup – Book

Principles by Ray Dalio

Why Capitalism needs socialism?




Last Question:

Like what Floyd had to say about a universal based income? You can learn more about it and what it could mean for society as a whole at http://economicsecurityproject.org/ or http://basedincome.org . As well, if you have any interest in helping fund or spreading this amazing project at both of those websites you can find out how you can help out!

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