Time stamped show notes:

[0:18] Where she is today and how she got there

[1:14] Unlocking leadership potential for girls in East Africa

[1:44] Getting out of abuse to become a voice against it

[2:53] Story telling leadership

[5:02] Small world in entrpreneurship

[6:30] Ayla's work through partnerships

[7:40] The importance of stories being told human-to-human

[8:26] Scale and control: The balance in between

[11:04] Technology bringing others closer together and

[12:34] Community Organizing

[13:20] Addressing the present but planning for the future

[14:12] A world covered in the internet

[15:06] Being believed in is powerful

[16:07] The scary side of being believed in

[16:50] Destress vs. Eu-stress

[18:04] Be oneself

[18:36] True leadership

[20:00] Take imperfect action

[21:12] Changing economy can start with changing lives

[21:50] No single “right” answer

[22:32] Planning is everything, plans are nothing

[24:20] C.R.O.P.S. (Connect Resources Opportunity People and Systems)

[25:08] Lots of imperfect action is the only way to win

[26:08] Don't waste time preparing

[26:26] Don't over prepare to where you second guess yourself

[27:57] We are the co-creators of our reality

[28:05] Here to connect the dots

[29:20] Smart humans who care are our most important resource

[32:02] Using the resources at your disposal

[33:34] Not wasting time and resources has no growth

[34:10] Magic in the mess

[35:14] Ayla has a goalpost

[36:40] Ayla always has a mission

[38:10] Scale

[38:48] People she wants to connect and be with


Three key points:


  1. Leadership is not leading a revolution but instead leading, or even being a part of leading, change. Whatever form that change may be is still a form of being a leader
  2. Over-preparing is a waste of time. Makes you second guess things
  3. Entrepreneurship is important but we shouldn't obsess with it. Instead, we need to find solutions that are working and cocreate those. Connecting people to good ideas


Resources mentioned:


Giver Work – book


Last Question:


Looking for smart people (2 open positions). Also need people who can be mentors, advisors, board members, people who have experience with scaling a service delivery.


They're recruiting US based ambassadors.


Need monetary help as well


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Her email: ayla at resonateworkshops dot org

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