Time Stamped Show Notes:

[1:08] Cam Adair founded Game Quitters

[2:49] The foundation of Game Quitters

[4:32] There's a reason we relapse

[6:36] The final turning point in Cam's rehabilitation

[8:44] Deciding to capitalize the market

[9:30] Cam's platforms

[11:20] Life of an addicted gamer

[11:57] How you can attract the audience that doesn't know they need you

[13:46] Transferring Cam's experience to your business

[15:24] Navigating a conversation so others know you aren't attacking

[16:45] How Cam got into Reddit and had success with it

[17:47] The key to being on Reddit is to be apart of Reddit

[20:16] Cam Adair's helps others with their eating, porn, and video game addictions

[20:42] Getting over an addiction successfully requires a replacement

[23:02] 90-day addiction recovery plan

[24:11] The replacement

[27:20] Being Engaged

[29:14] How Brad remembers to stay productive

[31:34] Awareness

[33:00] Book recommendations

[33:42] How Brene Brown affected Cam's life

[36:10] Joining the Game Quitters Forum gives you people to talk to

[37:14] You don't need to be a gamer to get value from Cam Adair

[39:19] We all have a story to share

[42:46] As long as your story can affect one person, share it

[43:34] Tips to increase your media pull

[43:35] Tip 1: The people in your network can help you more than you even know

[44:02] Tip 2: Your story needs a hook

[45:10] Tip 3: Be humble and open for suggestions

[47:58] The purpose of media

3 Main Points:

  1. Cam use to be a hardcore gamer therefore he easily can relate to his audience
  2. Cam was able to get into the Reddit space and be fairly successful as well


Last Question:

Cam wants you to think of anybody who is struggling with quitting video games or any other addiction and send them to http://gamequitters.com. Cam is also looking for others that have a similar journey as himself. If you have anything you feel like could use a change in the world or knows anybody that wants to make a change, get in touch with Cam. Help Cam Adair help others to overcome the trials they have in their lives.


Reach Cam Adair at..


Facebook: Cam Adair


Instagram: @camadair


Twitter: @camadair


Email: Camadair at gamequitters dot com


Resources Mentioned:


Game Quitter Forum


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Power of Habbit by Charles Duhigg

Dare and Greatly by Brene Brown

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