Time stamped show notes:

[0:20] Long time no see

[3:00] Silicon Valley lit Alex Lavidge's soul on fire

[3:52] The South East has potential to be the next Silicon Valley

[4:24] The more you have runway as an entrepreneur the more likely you are to have success

[6:14] Getting those with big wallets to help make a difference in the world

[7:22] Smart business is about making the best outcomes

[9:14] You need your project or idea to be scalable

[12:10] With metrics and numbers you help your investors see your dream is possible

[13:05] Your investors want to hear “all I need is money”

[14:36] Investors don't need to understand the science they just need to get it will make a difference in the world and help them personally as well.

[15:02] Team work vs. product market

[16:23] Success in life can be boiled down to your steps

[18:58] Start-up F.A.R.T.S. (Fire Aim Ready Trash Start over

[20:20] Inflection Points

[24:19] Is there really an “X” amount of failures we need to go through to reach success?

[26:36] Slowing down before you speed up

[27:28] Stop chasing, start attracting

[29:20] Unicorn chasers vs. Zebra collectors. Who's more effective?

[32:30] We're changing the world

[33:40] Master yourself and you are supreme

[35:13] You have to take care of your body and spirit

[37:32] When we're at our best we attract others at their best

[44:14] Helping Alex with the start-up experts

[47:23] Don't just hit the ground running when you can instead save money and time

[48:47] Ready, Fire, Aim


Three key points:


  1. Getting your investors to see your idea's potential for change and reduce their risk
  2. You can have a great team but if there is not a market for your product, then you're not going to be going anywhere soon
  3. We all need to laugh at eachothers' mistakes, analyze them, and learn from them


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Getting in touch with people doing start-up companies. Alex has a vision for getting a battalion of people in start-ups connected so they can all share experiences  with one another. Alex wants us all to grow together and to personally improve as well. There's a lot of potential for helping each other help more people in this world.

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