Time Stamped Show Notes


[00:47] Introduction to two twelve

[01:38 ] Question: Tell us about your hero's journey and where you are at.

[02:03] Background of sam parr

[03:20] Introduction to Air Bed and Breakfast

[05:05] Sam Parr introduces the company “The Hostile” that he started and where it is now

[06:35] We grew up fast by creating a great community and by creating contact.

[08:50] They are hooked because of our mission

[09:20] Our ambassador group has a lot of really high quality people

[11:47] Its okay not to know and i'll figure it out along the way

[14:30] So what we do really well is we find information the we believe is useful to our users and make it incredibly engaging by being really good writers.

[16:16] i believe as of now breaking news is a bit of a commodity

[19:02]] we are trying to target HENRY'S, High Earners Not Rich Yet

[21:24] We are polarizing in that we take stances on things

[21:38] We are kind of outsiders, i feel like we are outsiders in many aspects

[22:58] im not going to read that but i'll read something because i believe that is valuable.

[23:08] Understanding how to manipulate people, in a good way or a bad way,to influence people to do what you want them to do, is the most important skill set you can ever learn.

[24:58] That's the goal, to influence certain action


[25:39] One thing that we have struggled on as a company as we've grown is selecting which products will help us grow and which ones sucked and which ones were amazing.

[26:15] I want to give people better information to make better decisions throughout their day.

[28:06] You have to have values to back up what you are actually doing in the world.

[28:43] And so the actions we are trying to influence there is that for people to be suspicious about what they are consuming because it's crap.

[32:23] asks- will a lot of these companies have affiliates

[33:07] i believe that a media company will have multiple streams of revenue.

[33:44] the cool thing about media today is that there isn't that many politics.

[35:19] If you have a computer or a cell phone, you can reach a lot more people than alot of these media companies can.

[36:49] that took me a long time to learn i was really intimidated for a while about what media meant.

[37:23] just get really good at telling your story and you'll stick out big time and i think that far to many people don't look at what they are trying to do as a skill set and you have to get better at your craft.

[37:45] What are some of the ways we can support you?

[37:56] if you want to help us spread the word that'd be great, become an ambassador and sign up for the Hostile.

[38:23] one of the things i learned early on is that starting something and growing something requires entirely different skill sets.


Three key points

  1. You have to have the correct midgets to build and grow a company.
  2. Understanding how to manipulate people can be very useful.
  3. Get yourself out there, get in contact with people who can help you grow.


Last question:

Sam needs some help with leadership. Maybe you know the person that can help Sam out or maybe you are the person to help Sam out. If you've got the contact or just want to get in contact with Sam Parr yourself you can reach him at his email (sam @ the hustle dot co), Twitter (@thesamparr), or Facebook

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