Time stamped show notes:


[:50] Introduction to Alex Charfen

[3:20] How entrepreneurs are labeled

[4:24] Understanding why entrepreneurs face so much pressure and noise

[4:56] Vast majority of the world clings to status quo

[5:12] Why entrepreneurs face so much internal conflict

[5:30] Entrepreneurs are more in flow with life and creation

[6:02] Four types of people in the world – Evolutionary Tribe

[9:24] Entrepreneurs are the hunters – “evolutionary hunters”

[10:32] Kids don't have learning disorders, schools have teaching disorders

[12:14] Entrepreneurs hard wired differently [labeled as ADD, ADHD, etc.]

[13:00] History has taught that people who don't fit in are brilliant

[13:34] What's the path for people who want to create something?

[13:54] Wealth Dynamics – good at ideas, people, timing or numbers

[14:20] Happy solopreneur that makes money is a myth

[15:23] Collaboration trumps competition to build a better future

[15:45] Most people who are coaching to be successful haven't achieve success

[16:07] No framework or structure to the market – no basis

[16:23] Success is not as easy as coaches sell

[17:02] Entrepreneurs are setting goals that they can't build a connection to

[18:11] The simpler you can make something the faster we go

[18:25] What entrepreneurs need is to get into momentum

[20:15] Entrepreneurs need to be on the hun

[22:20] Third state: full constraint

[24:36] If entrepreneurs lose perspective, the body hits a panic button/fight or flight

[24:58] First thing you must focus is controlling the pressure and noise

[25:35] Hydrated entrepreneurs equal successful entrepreneurs

[28:02] If you don't have a routine you're setting yourself up to fail

[30:17] Entrepreneurs need a clear outcome

[30:33] Entrepreneurs don't learn anything with research or working alone

[30:57] Entrepreneurs are capable of the same earning potential as a pro athlete

[36:17] To entrepreneurs who are starting: find something you can do

[36:35] Figure out who matters enough to you that you'll do anything for them

[37:24] Fall in love with a population you want to serve

[43:11] There are factions out there that want to eliminate entrepreneurs

[44:02] Entrepreneurs are highly adaptable

[44:51] Lower pressure

[45:48] increase protection & support – ask for help

[48:01] if you lower pressure & noise you can accomplish more


Three key points:


  1. Entrepreneurs are built different
  2. Take care of your body. Don't believe in the glorification of the hustle.
  3. Solopreneur success is a myth. Build a support system.


Resources mentioned:

Wealth Dynamics – Roger Hamilton book

Freemomentumbook.com – Alex Charfen's book


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