Time stamped show notes:

[:53] Introduction to Dean Sutton

[2:51] How things came to be for him. How bigger things came through after he was successful.

[7:34] Got research from NASA that said you could get many biomarkers from a single drop of blood

[8:39] Merged two companies [BloodReader Technologies and Shield Technologies] and  to create Insight Diagnostics.

[10:23] Leadership lessons in regards to time and idea validation.

[15:18] People get hung up on the idea, and operate out of fear.

[17:14] Red flag when he's [Dean] looking at a business venture: when scarcity is the driver

[22:47] The only reason why you can close a deal is because you built a relationship first.

[24:45] We're wired to see what's wrong in a situation.

[25:20] Event + Response = Outcome

[30:25] If you look at anything you do in life at scarcity you will act under pressure.

[30:59] How Dean approaches the art/science of relationships

[32:00] Able to forge relationships that became companies

[32:17] Understanding people is a better strength than understanding technology

[32:23] All businesses exist to serve people


Three key points:


  1. A red flag is when people work based on scarcity.
  2. Event + Response = Outcome
  3. Understanding people is a better strength than understanding technology.

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