Time stamped show notes:


[:33] What has brought Brandon to this moment? What is his mission in the world?

[2:16] The driving force is connecting others to have a positive impact

[3:30] The moment he felt compelled to share his story

[6:47] You are a vessel

[7:47] What his big cause is: pain to power

[8:07] In all pain exists a gift, a lesson, an opportunity.

[9:50] “Be, do, have” vs. “be, do, give”

[10:50] Everything that has happened to you has brought you to this moment.

[12:19] “I don't need to know everything if I know everybody”

[15:45] The youth is where we can impact some change

[15:57] We face challenges at different areas/stages of our lives

[16:24] Education is going to be important no matter your age

[17:17] Bringing together people and creating a community with various themes

[20:32] How can you build more platforms?

[24:45] When you're inspired you're “in spirit”

[25:39] If collectively people want to make an impact there has to be clarity and criteria

[26:31] The hard part is executing to achieve what you want in life

[27:20] The resources are there to help you achieve anything. The hard part is execution

[28:46] Focus on whatever you're doing. Wish you were better, not that it is easy

[29:03] Become 1% better every day.

[31:17] We're designed to function at high levels in some areas of level

[31:30] Few people learn how to tap into high levels of performance

[32:19] The function is a result of the activity. E.g fitness

[34:35] Daily habits determine your life experience.

[34:47] Daily habits are influenced by the beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

[35:17] Connect beliefs, thoughts and feelings and have a plan of action to accomplish anything in life.

[36:42] Strategy will show up if you have the what, how and why clear.

[38:10] Leadership starts with leading yourself

[39:05] Pick a habit you can better everyday

[39:39] You can create reality with ideas

[42:11] If you like something go do it. Don't care if it's saturated.

[43:02] We all desire freedom

[43:13] The only way to create freedom in your life is by doing what makes you happy

[44:20] No one can do it like you, because they're not you

[44:25] People will want to work with you based on their own values, needs, desires, etc.

[44:38] Markets are big

[45:28] Freedom vs. responsibility – two sides of the same coin

[47:10] Responsibility allows the capacity for freedom

[49:03] Start to create personal responsibility in your space by beginning at home.

[51:36] Exercise your gift in life. You are the gift

[52:26] You make the world a better place by making yourself better.


Three key points:


  1. In all pain exists a gift, a lesson, an opportunity. Turn pain to power.
  2. The resources are there to help you achieve anything; the hard part is execution.
  3. We all desire freedom. The only way to create freedom in your life is by doing what makes you happy.


Resources mentioned:


Wakeup Warrior – http://wakeupwarriormovie.com/


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You continuing to do what you're doing, and bringing more people into your podcast. Just keep pushing forward. Want: climb Mt. Everest.

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