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Make More Marbles


Here are some of the things people are saying about Make More Marbles:

“Before I met Brad, I was making $12 dollars per hour in the addiction services field. I was having a tremendous amount of fun, creating a lot of impact, however I was making an embarrassing amount of money.

I’ve followed Brad on Facebook and read his emails for the last two years, always so intrigued by his authenticity.

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur because I believe it is the best way for me to create my own destiny.

Being an entrepreneur allows me to express myself freely through my skills, to give back to my community on a massive level, and to have fun with whom ever I would like.

However, for years I was just a wanna-preneuer paralyzed by fear, succumbing to drug use, and wasting tens of thousands of dollars on online programs that taught me the “right” system to make money.

I was personally introduced to Brad at his onsite mastermind, the day before Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within event in Newark, NJ July 2017.

I knew IMMEDIATELY I was in the right place.

Brad was presenting on wealth creation, collaboration, the entrepreneurial wealth cycle, and personal development.

These were the topics of life I desired so deeply to understand but of which I had no understanding.

I knew I needed to know more.

The same day I met Brad Hart, I decided to join his Make More Marbles mastermind. I was feeling full of excitement and fear.

Excited to be aligned with someone who can more clearly articulate the problems in my head better than I can.

Fearful of investing money AGAIN into an opportunity.

There was a tug a war going on inside of me.

Is this the best financial decision for me?

How am I going to afford this?

What is my family going to say?

Blah Blah Blah……

If I live in my head, I’m dead.

If I live in my heart, all is possible.

The heart is the creative force of the universe.

In my heart of hearts this is what I know: I’m willing to do ANYTHING, invest ANYTHING, be ANYTHING that will increase my quality of life, helps me grow, and allowed me to impact more people.

So I signed on the dotted line for his Mastermind…

And as people say … the rest is history.

In the 55 days since joining the Make More Marbles Mastermind and being aligned with Brad Hart’s mission, these are the physical things that have manifested in my life:

1. Celebrating 3 years clean from all mood and mind altering drugs.
2. I have been hired by Scott Oldford, who is a top influencer in the digital marketing/e-learning space.
3. The opportunity is virtual so I get to travel the world and work wherever I please. Which has always been a dream of mine.
4. I have 2 opportunities to move out west — to either Denver Co. or San Diego Ca. I’ve never lived anywhere else besides New Jersey!
5. I have tripled my personal income because of multiple opportunities being thrown (literally) my way. I’ve had to turn some down!
6. I am now crystal clear on WHO I AM and how I can contribute. I am a supporter, a bridge builder, and a connector. My flow state is PEOPLE, not systems . Now I build every wealth creation opportunity off of that knowing.
7. Brad Hart has asked me to join the Make More Marbles team, which is an honor to be aligned with his mission. Now I get help guide other entrepreneurs/solo-preneurs/intra-preneurs, like myself, to see, be, and act in the abundance of life.
8. I have a personal mentor who is teaching me the skill of high-ticket sales. He has 5 years of experience in 5 different niches and all he wants to do is give me his knowledge freely.

All in 55 days…


Not decades.

Not years.

Not even all of Q3 2017.

All of these blessings have happened for me in LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!

The ripple effect of being aligned with Brad and Make More Marbles is that every area of my life is firing on all cylinders. Physical body, emotional mastery, financial mastery, time, my career/mission, and my sense of contribution. All of these area have been accelerated, expanded, and deepened.

This is the best way to describe Brad Hart: a vortex of energy that connects the highest quality ideas and people for the good of the human race.

I have learned the highest form of honoring myself is to invest in myself; invest in myself with time and invest in myself with money.

My willingness to invest in myself has always been there. The difference in investing with Brad is that I’m seeing a return on my investment quicker than I thought imaginable.

It’s truly remarkable.

The cost of not working with Brad is nothing more than a slower pace in business and in life. A struggle for resources. A constant fear of living in scarcity. A lack of connections. You’re the one who has to live with it. Not me 🙂

If you’re already willing to honor yourself, do it by aligning yourself with Brad.

If you’re ready to accelerate your business and life, do it by aligning yourself with Brad.

If you’re ready to feel the fulfillment you’ve been longing for, do it by aligning yourself with Brad.”

-Brad Newman

email testimonial

Testimonial Message


“Hey brad! I'm not sure if you remember me, but we talked over the phone last summer about careers and life. I just wanted to give you an update on the path I chose…

I'll be moving to NYC in August to pursue commercial real estate. I'm working for – as a market research analyst. I hope all is well with you and its always great seeing your Facebook posts from all over the world. Keep doing what you're doing and I'm glad we spoke over the phone last summer. It really helped me to choose a career path that I wanted.”


Know what is one strategy that really made a big difference to Alex Mullan's business.

“The value of having someone is absolutely huge. You can't really appreciate it until you go through it, so I suggest reach out to someone, have a conversation and see what happens.”

-Alex Mullan

GretchenAccountability update and a mini-celebration!
1. Brad went over FB ads which I've been avoiding lately. It re-inspired me and I started testing one yesterday that was very specific with a specific landing page
2. I mentioned I'd prefer to CREATE than do mundane tasks and reach out to people 1:1. Brad said I needed more content so people get to know me and then come to me…so I started a VLOG this week!
3. Also, met with a girl I know and she's going to be my personal assistant (in person) and help me with emails, newsletters, running errands, tracking etc. We are starting in 2 weeks!
Thanks for a great call last week!



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“I’ve invested a lot of time and money in coaching for years, and I’ve gotten more and more choosy about the folks that I choose to work with. When I started working with Brad in 2015, it was because he met my requirements in a coach. First, he has success in his personal and professional life that I admire and I aspire to. This means in our work, he speaks from real experience that I can model and grow from. Second, he invests an incredible amount of time and an incredible amount of emotional energy in the people he works with. The quality of his program, the depth, and the heart (Hart) that is present have delivered a true growth into my life, and we’re only halfway through the program.

In the past 3 months, my thoughts and beliefs around money, relationships, and human potential have expanded in such a powerful way. I am looking at the world through completely new eyes, and seeing opportunities to contribute myself to the world in ways that I was too cynical to believe were possible before. Brad has helped me remove my own limitations, and bring me closer each day to living from a core sense of purpose. Everyone should be living this way.”

austingAustin W. Gunter 

“Brad has given me insightful guidance towards living a life of abundance and purpose. I reached out to him out of the blue after reading his blog one day. To my surprise, he got back to me right away, and we ended up chatting on the phone about life, purpose, investing, abundance, the importance of adding value and building a tribe for the better part of an hour. His words of wisdom have directed me to create invaluable relationships and surround myself with a mtomueaningful tribe, which has led me to work with my heroes, including Lewis Howes. Brad obviously cares deeply about helping others to succeed, and I'm glad I took the risk in reaching out.”
Thomas Ulibarri

About the Create and Manage Wealth Course: “The course demonstrated Brad's true purpose, and solidified his true professionalism. I loved his energy during all of the modules. I can honestly say I was engaged from start to finish. Usually it's nails on a chalkboard watching online courses, but Brad's was uniquely different.”

samc“I’ve known Brad for a little over two years now, and I am very comfortable saying that he’s one of the smartest, most talented people that I’ve met.

I watched him grow two businesses to incredible levels of success, all while continuing to provide his knowledge and experience to help other in the process. I believe that this is why Brad is so successful and will continue to be so in the future.

He has the keen analytic skills to assess a new business or situation, apply his intelligence to it, and provide a unique solution that benefits everyone. Brad is THE person I would call if I ever needed business advice, or just a sounding board for new ideas!

Brad also has a unique approach to wealth building and to teaching this topic to others. I’ve heard him speak about this topic several times, and it still impresses me how he managed to take complex financial topics such as risk management and simplify them to a level that even a child could understand without “dumbing it down” or losing any of the contexts.

Brad would be a great person to have at your side, as a mentor, teacher or advisor.

–Sam C. App Development Expert and Entrepreneur

“I've been lucky enough to know Brad for a few years, and work with him in the past.  As an entrepreneur with ownership in lumber interests and businesses, he is one of those guys you just wish you could hire, but you know you can't because he is already successful on his own.

Brad has vision, great ideas, motivation and the skill set to actually act.  I'll say that again – he takes things beyond ideas, and does something about them.  It's hard to find a do'er anywhere, and Brad is definitely that guy.  He gets things done.  He has always been generous with his time, and his loyalty to his friends and partners is uncompromising.  You'll always know where he stands, and I'd trust him to take my best interests into account without question, regardless of if I was working with him, for him, or learning from him.

–Philip B. Lumber Industry Entrepreneurphilb

“I invested with Brad Hart at the advice of my son, who knew him personally. My financial abilities are rather limited, so I listened to my son who has the education and the knowledge to
advise me on financial matters. He assured me that Brad was a true professional, someone I could trust, someone who had his respect as an expert in financial matters.

I have never seen such returns in my entire life! I really appreciate Brad's frankness: he tells things as they are, sometimes good, at other times bad. There are never surprises, since he keeps me informed regularly. His reports are very informative and one can really learn from them.”

–Tudor R, University Professor

“When I first met Bradajay I could tell there is something special about him.  At the time I didn't know what it was, but now I can tell you– He has true charisma, not the fake act that most people carry, but the genuine appeal of knowing exactly what he wants and how to accomplish it.  From the time I have met him, my life has not only improved financially, but spiritually. Brad has taught me more about myself in the two short years I've known him than most will in a lifetime.

–Ajay S- International Manufacturing Conglomerate Executive, Entrepreneur


“Brad's seemingly limitless curiosity and energy has made him someone I will continue to learn from and grow with. He sees money as a tool to make the world a better place, not something to hoard for its own sake. I know that this is what drives him to share his knowledge of how it all works – he knows how to attract the right people and assets into your life, in order to do the things you want to do in the world. And I look forward to whatever is next!”

–Joe C. Early Google Employee, Entrepreneur



“Brad is amazing person with a lot of experience. With the success in his entrepreneurial pursuits he's always been more than willing to share the valuable lessons learned along the way to help anyone in their own journey to success. I've spent time starving with Brad while on an adventure in the Amazon Jungle, and even in those strained moments he stays positive and is there to lend a helping hand.”

Alex D., Entrepreneur 

“Brad is a determined, driven and highly motivated individual.  I have personally witnessed his never-give-up attitude as he has developed many positive habits and relationships in his life. His dedication to his business partners has been demonstrated time and time again as he has even moved across the country to help start a new venture with a close associate.
Finally, Brad's endless pursuit of knowledge has allowed him to lead a rewarding and positive career while continuing to advance his status in the investment community. He's consistently used this knowledge to help his colleagues and friends achieve their business and personal goals.”

Brian B., Pharmaceutical Industry Professional

20140517_182653“I realized now that most people are clueless when it comes to investing and the markets. I met Brad years ago at a workshop, he was the inspiration for me to learn how to read tape and learn the way the markets really work. His coaching was on point. Now I have a solid side income trading and am on my way to trading full time. I feel much more comfortable trading in the market, and have a defined rule set.
I love Brad’s intensity and focus, but at the same time he cares about people and their progress. This isn’t just about money, this is about helping people to understand how to become their best selves.” –Chopper- Trader and Audio Expert

morgan“Just wanted to share an unsolicited endorsement for Hartwood Capital — I was an early investor in the fund, and while I was confident in Brad's abilities, there's always the concern of “what might happen.” One of his early 3D printing ideas paid out huge– over half the cost of my wedding, but it could have been a fluke.

Well, this year, the “what might happen” was simple: WAY bigger returns than I personally: a) expected, b) hoped for or c) thought was realistic. I would have been okay with 10%, happy with 15-20% and over the moon with any more. Brad delivered almost 5x that.

It's true that there's never a guarantee of future success in an investment, and none of us can predict what the next year will bring — but I can say that Hartwood earned more for me in the past year than my retirement fund returned in the last 5 years (combined) — with a fraction of the investment capital.”
Morgan D- Entrepreneur and Executive

danrphoto“I have always admired Brad for his consistency. He is a wealth of knowledge and expertise and I am grateful to him for the discussion we had this evening. Over the course of the call Brad provided resources, directed me towards tapping into my network and exploring new ideas for making money while considering the broad outlook of my financial and personal life. Brad's eye for detail and keen sense of goals and direction are what really motivate me to propel forward. “You're ready for action.”

Dan R. Staff Sergeant, USAF