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Time stamped show notes:

Jack is celebrating finally having a website, having business cards, and being clearer on what he's doing and who he wants to serve. He is a nutritionist and health coach. He works with people who have problematic relationships with food. 

01:18 How do I get clients without spending too much money? I'm completely virtual. I want to stay virtual. He's been on page one on Google, but didn't get too many clients from that. 

01:46 Question: Do you already have a sales page/purchase page up? Do you have a presentation to educate people on what they would be buying? 

01:57 No. I was focusing more on calls. It's a package service and I want to be sure it's a good fit. 

02:16 Question: What social media platform do you use most right now? 

02:18 Mostly Instagram, but I'm on all of them. 

02:22 Question: Where do you feel like your clientele hangs out? 

02:25 I don't know yet. Instagram seems promising. 

02:36 Question: Who have you worked with so far? 

02:41 Just a few trial clients. 

02:59 Question: Have you considered podcasts? Being invited on as a guest? 

03:12 No, not yet.

03:25 Suggestion: The biggest magnet I've found are happy clients, happy case studies. Don't worry yet about the platform. Ask yourself, how can I quickly get success stories from the people I already know? 

04:29 Suggestion: Referrals referrals referrals. 

05:01 Suggestion: The truth is, you can get clients on any platform. Don't get stuck offering free work. Offer paid sessions, if they balk, then entice them with discounts in return for X ,Y and Z. Free is a last resort, to figure out why something isn't working. 

05:58 Suggestion: My parents have issues with food. They would never say it. But their doctors have told them to change, or they'll have problems. Could you partner with doctors? 

07:06 Suggestion: Try Overeaters Anonymous for speaking opportunities. 

08:22 Suggestion: Check out Eve. Try health conferences. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Seek out speaking opportunities, conferences
  2. Referrals referrals referrals
  3. Partner with professionals 

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