Doing the Impossible with Laura Gassner Otting

Too many people don’t believe they can do incredible, hard things. They don’t believe they deserve their dream life, and they let worries about security and money keep them small.  Which is why when I stumbled upon the incredible Laura Gassner Otting on Clubhouse, I knew I HAD to interview her, sharing her decades of […]


Or… How To Reclaim your Time, Energy and Attention so you can make more Money and focus on implementing Systems in your life you can scale your income and impact. Every bit of time you do not waste adds up, and as I shared yesterday, every 3 hours a week you can save ends up […]


Back in 2011 I got to spend 10 days in Africa with one of my heroes, the one and only Tim Ferriss. He was gobbling up positions in early stage companies like Uber, Shopify, TaskRabbit and Evernote at the time. Obviously that has worked out pretty well for him. Since I had lost my dad […]

You need someone to hold you accountable

Time stamped show notes: Marina is a doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She opened her office in Encinitas four months ago. She’s grateful for the transformation it’s given her. She’s making enough to cover her costs, and her clients are referring even more clients. 01:42 Challenge: I still don’t feel solid, stable, secure. I would […]

You are worth it: holding yourself back is doing a disservice to your audience

Time stamped show notes: Ben is a health and nutrition coach for entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. He’s grateful for his health. He’s celebrating setting up a live talk at Eve.  01:07 Challenge: I don’t know if I should charge people for the talk or not. 01:20 Question: What are the pros and cons for not charging, and the […]

But first, you’ve got to get angry: working through tough emotions

Time stamped show notes: Stacy has two businesses; an online gardening business and adventures for entrepreneurs. She’s grateful for the certainty and support she gets from the group. 01:39 She has an amazing opportunity to be more resourceful. But as she dives deeper into that she keeps going under.  01:50 She’s in a familiar situation; cash flow […]

Fighting fear and stepping into your calling

Time stamped show notes: Charity is a middle and high school teacher. She thinks it’s time to pursue entrepreneurship. She’s celebrating a family reunion for the first time in six years.  01:40 Challenge: I know I’m interested in being an entrepreneur, but I have no idea what I want to do.  02:00 Opportunities have presented themselves, that […]

You need to clean up your rats’ nest

Time stamped show notes: Kit Volcano runs The Little Volcano with his wife, Rosy. They train coaches. Their business has been compared to running a mystery school and a sacred funhouse of mirrors. He’s celebrating completing his first talk. He opened for Kyle Seaspin(?). And he nailed it. 04:11 Challenge: We only have one entry-point to […]

Scaling 101: Don’t skip too many steps all at once

Time stamped show notes: Rosy Volcano is a transformational coach and a new mom. She and her partner Kit incorporate yoga, shamanic training, and body work into a coaching training course. She is celebrating her baby boy, and another big launch coming up. Their challenge is figuring out how to scale their business without losing […]

Networking with networkers: leverage your affiliates

Time stamped show notes: Stacy has two businesses: a digital online gardening business which helps people around the world grow herbs and vegetables; and life changing adventures for entrepreneurs. She’s grateful for her beta on Circus of Entrepreneurs and the help from this group. It was an extraordinary experience.  01:49 Challenge: We have our big garden […]