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Make More Marbles

Sit with dark and twisty thoughts; learn to love your fear

Time stamped show notes:

Brad helps people built Mastermind groups to help entrepreneurs increase their income in less time. He can add 6 figures to a business in as little as 5-10 hours a month. He's been a part of 26 Masterminds, and has started 8 of his own. He's grateful for being able to live his mission. 

01:40 Challenge: My brain doesn't always feel like everything's great. 

02:03 Challenge: I always feel like I need to be doing more. Today I worked 6 hours, from 7 to 1, then I was annoyed with myself that I couldn't keep going. 

02:40 Asking for strategies to battle the thoughts, to put guard rails around what I need.

02:52 Question: What have you done, workwise.

02:59 Separated living and working spaces. Two desks, one for planning, one for execution. Taking more naps. Cutting out caffeine. 

03:50 I'm healthy. I'm not anxious about money. I'm in tune with my relationships. 

04:36 I've achieved everything I wanted to achieve, why aren't I fully embracing it? 

04:47 Question: What practices do you do to uncover what's in your subconscious mind? 

05:19 Paraliminals. Incantations. Clear intentions for the day. 

05:49 Being less hard on myself has been the biggest challenge. 

05:59 Suggestion: It sounds like you're good at programming yourself, but you said you always contain what's in your mind, and you put things into it. I didn't hear anything about you looking at what's already there. 

06:18 Yeah, I guess I just sit and notice as things come up. I don't know if I have a process where I sit in it. 

06:29 Suggestion: You use the word push as though there's something wrong and it's not actually an opportunity or gift. It's a perspective shift. 

06:43 Suggestion: Go into a room, turn off the lights, and embody the negativity. Just take a few hours one day. Go look at what's inside.

07:05 Suggestion: Pushing against the shadow doesn't work. We have to love the parts of ourselves that we want to reject – the insecure parts, the rejected parts. 

07:28 Yeah, my ego lashes out. 

07:37 Suggestion: Everything boils down to love and fear. Try to stop running from the fear and start loving the fear. 

07:58 Business is not scary to me anymore. What's scary is being vulnerable and emotional. I do that, but in a measured way. The words I choose are important, the feedback is important. 

Three Key Points:

  1. There's nothing to fix, just feelings to feel.
  2. Instead of trying to conquer fear, try loving your fear.
  3. Without trying to fix anything, take time to sit with your thoughts. Go look at what's inside.