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Finding Your Why and Changing the World with 20-Year U.S. Navy Veteran Ryan Charaba

Ryan Charaba is an experienced life coach with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and fitness industry.

He's an expert in team motivation, U.S. Department of Defense, customer service, coaching, and wellness coaching.

Listen in to learn more from this U.S. Navy Veteran!

Finding Your Why and Changing the World with 20-Year US Navy Veteran Ryan Charaba

Time stamped show notes:

[0:20] Being a Navy veteran, interesting stories about world travel and leadership

[01:12] Stories about his parents and childhood

[01:49] By age of 18, he moved 36 times.

[2:51] Mental breakdown resulting in being removed from the service

[3:06] Sent to a department where they send all the younger Navies

[04:46] He was helping his colleagues with coaching and processes

[04:51] Started a coaching business

[05:13] Being grateful for his depression

[08:06] Transition still in process and will never end

[08:42] Focus on growing connection with his family after being gone for 20 years

[09:45] Taking it one thing at a time

[26:45] Watching Myths and Monsters

[27:11] We all have myths in our stories.

[28:12] We have the ability to imagine.

[34:18] Accomplishments

[37:15] Teaching his children to make empowering choices

[38:53] Inspired and committed people can change the world.

[43:15] Always ask questions; continue to ask why.

[45:29] Ability to respond and react based from Viktor Frankl Book

[45:55] Defense is the first act of war.

[54:55] Parting words from Ryan: Every single person you pass on the street give a loving response to.

[55:14] The two types of communication

Three key points:

  1. Being a Navy veteran turned entrepreneur
  2. Always take one thing at a time.
  3. Inspired and committed peoples can change the world.

Resources mentioned:

  1. Myths and Monsters – documentary series
  2. Reacting vs Funding by Viktor Frankl (book)