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Teaching the World to Lead and Closing Generational Divides with Ron Carucci

Ron Carucci is a rockstar consultant with more than 25 years of experience.

He has consulted some of the world’s most influential CEOs and executives on issues ranging from strategy to organization to leadership. He has worked extensively in the health sciences, biotech, and healthcare provider sectors and in the technology, consumer products, and retail food and beverage industries.

Listen in to learn more on closing generational divides!

Teaching the World to Lead and Closing Generational Divides with Ron Carucci

Time stamped show notes:

[0:59] Who Ron is and what he does

[2:16] What continues to amaze Ron in his field of work

[3:29] The one thing that is true about change

[4:30] The two things that conspire together against leaders

[6:30] What brands don’t know about themselves

[8:20] Competing against vs. for with big brands

[9:12] One reason some companies are short lived

[9:52] Why you must put your customer first and get clear on what they want

[11:00] You must define yourself

[13:10] Where Ron sees most people succeeding and what he recommends most

[14:47] Many leaders don't know how to scale

[16:00] How Coinbase is scaling rapidly and where it is going

[17:20] Ron's approach on scaling effectively

[21:10] A great quote and how it relates to growth

[23:12] Why are people running toward cryptocurrencies?

[25:23] 8/10 people from Brad's audience who are investing in crypto have never invested in anything before

[30:05] Why Brad is excited to watch the cryptomarket

[32:05] There are more similarities between generations than we believe

[32:35] More than ever, people want to work for a small company or for themselves but don’t want to create something bigger than themselves

[35:10] How do we bridge the knowledge gap?

[38:34] A question Ron asks his company frequently: what do we think our responsibility is?

[39:25] Being dismissed because of age differences

[39:45] We dismiss people based on who we like and who we don't like

[40:28] We invest in the people and things we trust, not necessarily the product, company, idea, etc

[43:10] The investment world is like a video game

[47:40] What does Ron wish everyone around the world knew?