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The 90-Day Game: How to Get Clear and Take Your Business to the Next Level with Raj Sundra

Raj Sundra, founder and CEO of Transformance, believes in the limitlessness of human potential and the ability of a company comprised of empowered employees to produce extraordinary results. He has crafted his consulting business into something unique–a service that combines the best of business practices with cutting edge personal development and performance methodologies.

Listen in to learn how to take your business to the next level!

The 90-Day Game: How to Get Clear and Take Your Business to the Next Level with Raj Sundra

Time stamped show notes:

[0:10] How Brad and Raj met at Burning Man

[2:50] About Raj and what he loves to do

[6:30] How Raj is the opposite of Brad in Wealth Dynamics

[7:20] Who he works with now

[8:05] Scaling his impact by helping other companies scale

[8:25] Creating a culture where your team's development and growth is part of the equation

[9:00] Sustaining your team

[12:00] Why visionaries struggle with scaling their ideas

[12:50] The most impactful issues start with the CEO and it trickles down.

[15:48] Motivating and incentivizing your team to care about your business as much as you do

[19:50] You need to start with clarity and market potential.

[21:30] Your team is a system and looking to see how its working together.

[22:00] Different stages of your business and how to adapt the best

[23:50] Breaking things down into urgent/important

[25:20] Raj loves using sports analogies

[28:50] The next thing Brad is focusing on in his journey

[30:00] Getting down to the nitty gritty of where people struggle

[31:50] The videos on Raj’s landing page about what they do

[34:40] Moments of clarity and getting people to realize elements of scalability

[36:30] Success as an emerging property–you can’t guarantee success.

[38:00] How to set yourself up for sustained success

[42:00] Breaking things into segments and letting people see the loop they’re involved in

[43:00] You can’t blame business owners for not knowing this stuff.

[44:10] How to reach out to Raj

[45:40] Raj is looking to hire two coaches and looking for software resources and investments.

Three key points:

  1. Why teams are crucial to the scaling of a company
  2. Breaking down the different stages of your business
  3. Where business owners struggle and how Raj supports companies looking to scale

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Contact Raj:

[email protected] dot com