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Make More Marbles

Put yourself out there

Time stamped show notes:

Russel is a healer and a teacher, spiritually and metaphysically. He also runs a design business and writes software. He has healed people on and off for ten years. He's a teacher, a mystic, and a sorcerer. 

03:17 Challenge: Getting over the fear of being seen. 

03:32 Challenge: Putting myself out there. 

03:38 Question: When you think about putting yourself out there, what does that bring up?

03:42 Just worry. Not everyone needs to receive all of these things, it's only relevant some people. This is me rising to the challenge: allowing myself to be recorded.

04:11 Lightofnature.org and cosmicloveenergy.com

04:19 Question: Are you open to sharing more on Facebook about what you do? 

04:22 Yes. I just created a new Facebook page, dedicated to this side of me. I'm taking steps to cultivate an audience. It's coming at a drip pace. 

04:55 Suggestion: Could you start doing some Lives? It could be liberating. 

05:22 Suggestion: The Joy of Decluttering. As a little girl, the author would get up in the middle of the night to clean the kitchen. Now she's an adult, and she uses this quirk to spread joy. In your process, as you tap into spirit, create a ceremony around the symbol you've created. 

07:09 My ritual is practical ritually on the fly. I'm so happy you're going to copy that. 

07:27 So I'll create a symbol and ceremony around my ideal client. 

07:46 Suggestion: Then when you find what works, you can make a system and checklist out of it. 

Two Key Points

  1. If you feel like you need to put yourself out there, put yourself out there.
  2. Then when you find what works, you can make a system and checklist out of it.