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Make More Marbles

Practice, practice, practice.

Time stamped show notes:

John is a mindfulness and inner guidance coach. He's excited about showing people how easy and fun mindfulness can be, including sitting meditation. He's thankful for his new life  and love in San Diego.

01:23 Sharing mindfulness training with companies. First gig will be May 17th, 1-hour video conference for 100 software consultants. 

01:33 Looking for ideas to help embrace the idea and share the passion. 

01:46 Challenge: First time doing something so large on video. What should I prepare ahead of time? And how to welcome other opportunities. 

02:05 Question: Do you have a website? 

02:07 No.

02:13 Attendees may want to learn more or refer, a website is really helpful.

02:22 Do you have the equipment? Backdrop, mic, camera – to make sure you look and sound really good and professional?

02:48 Question: What will you be doing in the video? 

02:57 Prepared a one-minute elevator pitch. – will present at the end. 

03:08 Question: Have you chosen a platform?

03:15 The company has a tool.

03:20 Question: You already have a captive audience?

03:20 Just for this job.

03:33 It's a free gig.

03:38 Help with pricing?!

03:46 Question: Have you taught a large group online before? 

03:46 No. It's always been in person.

03:50 Question: Are you going to do a practice training?

03:53 Definitely!

04:11 Question: Other than this one gig, who is your ideal audience? 

04:16 Companies. 

04:18 Question: How much revenue, how many employees, which industry? Think about it. Nail down who your target audience is. Things will have to change based on who you're talking to. BMW and a BMW dealer are not the same. 

04:58 Trained civil engineer, management consultant. So the first company feels like the kind of person he used to be. 

05:06 Suggestion: Great, so maybe target freaky techy guys. Target woo-woo-allergic engineers. 

05:23 Suggestion: Hire a speaking coach. 

05:50 Suggestion: Become a member of sandiegocoaches.org – fill out the profile. You don't “need” a webpage. 

06:58 Suggestion: Practice, practice, practice. Join Toastmasters. 

07:39 One-minute presentation. 

Three Key Points

  1. Prepare. Practice. Rehearse. Repeat.
  2. Invest in good equipment.
  3. Target a specific audience. 

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