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Make More Marbles

Podcast marketing hacks

Time stamped show notes:

Sylvia has been an executive coach for over 21 years. She is the founder of the Becker-Hill Women's Empowerment School. She is working towards a post-patriarchal society. 

01:47 Will speak at a conference (it's unclear with whom).

02:11 Childhood wound is people being too stupid to understand her. 

02:33 Lost 12 pounds –> changing daily habits. 

03:27 Approaching bigger names in the industry to get her name out there. Podcast is great, but the numbers are not great. 

04:09 Not listening to a podcast is a sin nowadays.

05:07 Please, subscribe and download episodes, that helps the algorithms. 

06:15 Please share the episodes you like. No selling on the podcast.

06:56 Podcast marketing ideas?

07:00 Have great guests that people want to listen to anyway. 

07:26 Quuu.co Links to Twitter, then links to all other users' Twitter. Twitter content curation. So if you're providing content, you're getting into the feed. 

08:52 mrbls.co/bampodcastworkflows

Three Key Points

  1. Fine-tune your bio/intro
  2. Have guests that people already want to hear anyway
  3. quuu.co to get on the provider-side of content curation