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Make More Marbles

I am a child of the atomic age.
I exist because in August 6, 1945, forty years and a day before my birthday, a man named Harry Truman made a choice that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands, but might have saved many millions more.
What would have happened if Japan did not surrender?
What would have happened if we had to invade Japan and end the war using one on one combat?
For the Americans, it would have been the bloodiest campaign of World War II if the Olympic/Coronet landings had taken place.
Based on the casualty figures from the battles on Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, the most-oft quoted estimate of total U.S. casualties (dead, wounded, captured, or missing) cites a figure of over a million.
In 1945, the U.S. government ordered 500,000 Purple Hearts in anticipation of heavy losses.
To this day (2016), the U.S. is still awarding Purple Hearts from this batch of medals.
My grandfather was a supply sergeant in the Army, stationed in the Pacific. He was drafted at age 28, had a degree from Cornell, knew how to type and had other skills that mostly kept him from the front lines.
But he did his duty and was ready and willing to follow his orders into the belly of the beast.

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Is building a personal brand among your top priorities? It should be.

Building a personal brand is a marketing strategy that focuses on your most important product: YOU.

It requires figuring out who you really are, including skills, values and personality, and who you want to serve.

Today I'm here with mogul of fashion and real estate, Mr. Mike Zeller.  He's going to explain his best strategies for creating a personal brand online, including blogging, video, podcasting, and much more.

I'm going to share all the strategies that I have used to build Make More Marbles, as well as my branding, to get published in magazines like Forbes and Entrepreneur. Less sexy but still supremely important, you can get featured in many popular blogs around the Internet become a guest on multiple popular podcasts as well, using the exact same strategies.

So if you want to learn the best strategies for building a personal brand, you'll want to watch this video and download the amazing productivity hacks cheat sheet below this video, which will help you to reclaim more of your time that you can build the personal brand you love to leverage the assets that you already have to help serve more people, earn more money, and have more time.

How To Build A Personal Brand

Mike Zeller-Mogul

Video Notes

Learn Productivity hacks and watch more of Mike Zeller's Training Video.

Looking for tips, ideas, hacks and strategies to do it? Watch the video above and download our free 10 page challenge guide here!

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Do you want to create abundance?

Do you want to create a life where you know you'll have the resources you need? Where it's not even a question? Where you can live with a mindset that doesn't allow scarcity?

You can create companies, join or build teams that create amazing solutions to problems that bring all of humanity forward into the future.

Abundance begins with gratitude, and then leveraging from there.

Do you want to add more value, make more money, travel, have more time to be with friends and family and the people in your life that matter most who claim your time and your attention?

Well, this video is the answer. We're talking with Mike Zeller, who's the founder of five different companies. He's a real life mogul, and you'll want to take notes about his insights.

We're going to go deep on the idea of what if there was enough? What if there is enough to go around? And what can we cultivate and the mindset that we can cultivate that allow us to live this reality as opposed to a scarce, competitive existence? What are the mindset paths that people use to create abundance in their own lives?

We discuss all that and more in today's video. Check it out below.

What is An Abundance Mindset


Mike Zeller-Mogul


Video Notes

How'd you like to learn more from Mike Zeller? Watch all the videos and pick up some gold nuggets from Mike Zeller to help you, your business and your personal life.

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Develop An Abundance MindSet


How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Want to stay healthy while traveling? I know I do.

It’s really important to recognize the need for both fun and flexibility and consistency of habits on the road.

How do you stay fit and lean while traveling? How to do you keep from succumbing “just this once” to whatever shows up and stay on target, keeping your body in peak physical, emotional and spiritual condition while you are in an unfamiliar place? What if you don’t speak the language? What if the local culture and customs dictate what you can eat and drink?

These were the questions I found myself asking on a pretty regular basis when I started living in Valencia, Spain a few weeks ago.

For example, when I was living in California, it was all about them greens. I would make smoothies consistently, hitting up the local sprouts and farmers markets. Here in Valencia, you have to find an analogue, and somehow miss or selectively ignore the piles of cheese, meat and bread that is ev er y where.

This can be a challenge as I want to keep my energy high and since the next series of colonics might not be for months, I want to be kind to my body and keep things moving to boot. I’ve adapted my eating plan a lot over the years, but the older I get, the better I want to feel more consistently so I have the energy and focus to achieve my goals and make my dreams a reality. It all starts with the physical body, what you eat, how you move and what you do to manage the various crap that comes up.

So how do you manage all this and manage to still have a life?

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Investment Capital

How and When To Raise Investment Capital

Do you want to be a mogul?

We've created an amazing, amazing resource for you today.  We are picking the brain of a real life mogul. Our guest today, Mike Zeller, has founded five companies, including ones in the clothing and real estate niches.

If you want to become a business owner, a company founder, to raise capital, to sell companies, to create a personal brand, to create a mindset of abundance, to allow yourself to learn the investment strategies of millionaires and billionaires, to raise money for their companies to build world class teams, you should watch these videos now.

Don't forget to download the productivity hacks cheat sheet made specifically to help you create this type of franchise mogul and build companies that support and nourish and create abundance not only for you, but for your family, your community, the world at large, and everything that you're trying to build.

So, there you have it, check out the videos below, check out the content upgrades, enter your e-mail to grab that, and you will be well on your way to increasing your productivity, hiring the people you need to hire, raising the money you need to raise, and building the companies you need to build.

How and When To Raise Investment Capital


Mike Zeller-Mogul


Video Notes

How'd you like to learn more from Mike Zeller? Watch all the videos and pick up some gold nuggets from Mike Zeller to help you, your business and your personal life.

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How To Create And Run A Mastermind

A Mastermind is a really great tool.

It helps bring some of the most incredible people together, who are like-minded, have similar goals, and help to keep each other accountable and at the top of their game. They all come together to help each other find the resources, tools and provide the support they need to achieve their definite purpose in life.

They say that the people you spend your time around become your life.

It's true, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

So you better be sure that you're surrounding yourself with people who create positive impact in your life, people who create an incredible impact and help you to be the best version of yourself.

I have personally spent over $500,000 on masterminds, including travel and expenses, lodging, et cetera, and I believe in the process so much.I've connected with hundred-millionaires and billionaires as a result of masterminds. I've gotten so much value out of it, and one person you meet can change your entire life. I could go on for days but I dive into more in the video below.

Coach Delina and I run the Abundant Purpose Mastermind, as well, and I'll teach you what I've learned of the best strategies to manage that.

So ultimately, having a Mastermind is an incredible tool to help you to make more money, to make the right connections to build your business, to meet clients, and one of the best tools I know for creating a business structure that you love to live with. Watching this video will give you all the tools and frameworks you need to bring this powerful tool into your life.

How To Create And Run A Mastermind

Mike Zeller-Mogul
Video Notes

How'd you like to learn more from Mike Zeller? Watch all the videos and pick up some gold nuggets from Mike Zeller to help you, your business and your personal life.

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Can I pick your brain? Those five words will change everything.

But in all the wrong ways.

You could have the best intentions, but asking to pick somebody's brain is an instant turn off. Especially when approaching your mentor or hero.

Imagine being out to dinner and your date's inexplicably rude to the wait staff.

Or, if you're like me, imagine meeting someone and learning they don't like Nutella.

These are major red flags. And when they pop up, budding relationships can come screeching to a halt.

Which is exactly what happens when you ask to pick somebody's brain.

If you're trying to meet your mentor or hero, you'd be better off not asking.

Watch this video and learn 5 proven ways to meet and build relationships with your hero or mentor network.

5 Proven Ways To Build A Mentor Network And Connect With Your Hero

5 Proven Ways To Build A Mentor Network And Connect With Your Hero

Our best recommendation, if you’d like to see how much better life can be with a better mentor network and having met your heroes, is the mentor network challenge guide, 8 pages of tips, hacks and tricks to create a better network for the rest of your life. 

You can do anything you set your mind to, after all. Including adding world class value and building an amazing network.

Ready to accept this challenge? Looking for tips, ideas, hacks and strategies to do it? Watch the video above and download our free guide right now.

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I want to share a story about a book that inadvertently lead to a major upswing in my life, including…

More money
More peace
More love
More opportunity
More flow
More passion
More connection
More adventures
More marbles?

…and how you might get the same results in your life.

Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins is one of the best and most influential books of 2014, still one of the best money books published in the last decade.

This book rekindled my interest in Tony Robbins, whose books I could never get through and who's seminars I had never attended. People like my friends Stephan and Steven had told me to check him out for years, but their entreaties fell on deaf ears.

When I first learned about the book, I thought to myself– “What does Tony Robbins know about investing, isn't he the motivational speaker guy?”

Which was, in hindsight, a silly knee jerk reaction.

This man is not only worth half a BILLION dollars, he runs one of the most successful seminar businesses ever built, Robbins Research, in addition to having ownership in over a dozen companies that generate over $6BB in revenue annually.

Not only that, he has one of the most influential and powerful networks of people at the top of their game to draw from in any industry.

Furthermore, anytime a book comes out that offers new information about your industry, if you want to stay sharp and be considered an expert, then you need to give it a shot.

I was still very much in hedge fund mode at the time, so any book that claimed to “Master” the game of Money, was a book I had to read.

So I ordered it, and I waited.

A book as thick as a brick showed up at my Santa Monica apartment… nearly 700 pages. They had to put it in it's own box!

It didn't cover a lot of new ground at first, but rather had the effect of reaffirming a lot of what I had already learned in my investing career. Honest, simple, actionable advice that would serve a lot of people really well if they actually follow it (the strategies are easy to build wealth, actually, it's the psychology that trips people up, which is why I coach and mentor people)

I even learned a few new and groundbreaking things, especially from the interviews with dozens of hedge fund titans Tony interviews in the book.

I gobbled it up as quickly as I could and immediately put it into practice in my investing strategy.

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As you may already know, I'm a big fan of morning rituals, exercise, eating well, priming, meditation, self improvement, incantations and visualization techniques.

At various times, I've done every type of seminar, retreat, cleanse, challenge, workout, diet and fast you can imagine. I'm like a human guinea pig, but I like to consider myself a student of the modern age.

Realistically, to thrive in our complicated world, it's not what you know, it's who you know. It's not what you can learn, but how you can utilize it to solve problems.

All of these skills are moot, though, if you can't master your emotions on a consistent basis.

Emotional Mastery is the new gold standard for peak performance.

I'm fascinated with finding the best ways to do things, think about things and accomplish things, and I'm obsessed with helping others to do this as well.

I routinely help my clients, friends and even random strangers on the internet with their various struggles in managing their moods, emotions and building better habits, be it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, that will support them.

It's getting to the point now where between my clients, friends and people reaching out through the site, I'm getting way more messages than I can really respond to. It's overwhelming hearing about all the people who are struggling out there… I really wish I could do more to help. I believe that a true leader is a servant first and always, and I want to serve as many people as I possibly can.

So I got to thinking, and I think I need to make a resource where people can get the best of what I've learned over the last 6 years since my Dad died. That was the moment when I finally went on a journey of self discovery that lead me to where I'm at in my life now.

I've had the distinct honor and privilege to be coached and mentored by the best…People like Neil Strauss, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, John Romaniello, Dan Martell, Tony Robbins and more, including countless behind the scenes experts who don't ever seek the spotlight.

I want to share what's worked for me, as I understand how many people are hurting out there. They have no idea how to feel good consistently. Which I know is frustrating and makes life hard. I know you're out there, and I know how much it can suck. I've been there.

I also know that it doesn't have to be this way.

Why is this so important to me?

There was a seven year period in my life where I only cried three times. Once when my friend Corey​ passed away in college, and once when my Dad died. Then again when I finally mourned my Uncle in April 2013. That was the day I decided to quit drinking (numbing out all the time) and began the slow and frustrating journey toward healing.

Before all that, I can't even remember much at all.

Why? Well, I'll try to relate it in the best way I know how.

When I was young, as a coping mechanism, I rarely showed my emotions. This was due to some violence and bullying when I was really young. I learned to disassociate so I could deal with the pain.

We all deal with trauma in different ways, some bond to each other through it, some get excited by it, some avoid it, some dissociate from it, others still block it out of their memory entirely.

The issue with blocking bad things is you start to block the good as well, and when you're in a less than resourceful emotional state, it gets extremely hard to break yourself out of it. You literally can't emotionally connect with the good times in your life, and you're on the emotional hamster wheel, running faster and faster just to trigger enough dopamine to feel something, anything.

It gets worse and worse and you can finally get to a place of anhedonia, where nothing you do can even move the needle anymore. You simply can't feel good, no matter what you do.

Maybe you can relate? I'm sure we've all felt this way at some point.

I was taught to be a trauma blocker as an emotional survival mechanism.

This is not something I would recommend.

When I was 8, my Uncle Steve passed. I couldn't connect with my emotions then, and didn't even cry at his funeral. But I started acting out in school and feeling down a lot. Up until then, I had been a straight A student.

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So I just got back from a masterminding retreat in Moncton with the inimitable Dan Martell where I had the honor to connect with 8 hand-picked world class entrepreneurs, speakers and leaders from around the world.

Kings and queens of their various industries, I was asked to share what I learned in my many years as both a trader and hedge fund founder/manager.

I was nervous to step up on the stage but I overcame my fear and pulled out all the stops, and the presentation went great. Dan was so impressed in fact he wanted to share some of the key takeaways with his over 25,000 people on his Facebook page and Periscope as we raced through the icy streets of Moncton.

He picked me up from the hotel and we were off to the races, going live on Facebook Mentions. That's one way to wake up!!

Anyway, it came out great and there's a ton of value there including excerpts from my presentation from that weekend, so I wanted to share this here in an evergreen format.

In this Facebook Live Stream, we cover the following:

  • How Entrepreneurs Should View Money
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when investing
  • How to save and earn more
  • How to balance risk
  • Lessons from the top hedge fund managers in the world
  • The impact of fees on performance
  • The power of compounding
    ..and much MUCH more

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