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Make More Marbles


Very recently, I had the honor of asking thousands of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs just like you what they were struggling with the most.

I found the results to be fascinating, and I know you’ll agree. [click to continue…]

Picture this: you have everything you need for your business. The market is asking for your product, your team is full of hungry and motivated individuals, and you even have a cool theme song picked out for the party you'll throw after you make your first million dollars. Everything is ready to go…until you find out you'll be short on capital.

So what should you do? Listen to Alex Lavidge and find out. He is a household name in the venture capital world, and he shares with us the best ways to inspire confidence from your investors.

You might not have the experience to catch the eye of venture capitalists or even coworkers, but you can show them the proof of data. Alex will show you how, right now. Listen in and change the way you look at startups, entrepreneurship and investing forever.

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Hawk Mikado has been deemed the funnel genius in numerous circles. He's also the potential next Governor of California, but we'll get to that later.

Hawk became the funnel genius by pioneering 7 proven funnels that can help your business grow more profitable. The money you're spending right now on outsourcing your funnel building can instead be used to hire more employees, pay off debts, or even take your family on a trip.

Hawk wants to give you these 7 funnel secrets so you can get out there and contribute to others as well. Listen in, and we hope you enjoy!

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Sam Parr got 5ook subscribers to a news-based product with practically no newsroom experience and one writer. He learned how to out-step the big news brands by using the skills and resources at his disposal and targeting the appropriate audiences.

Your company might not be in a news niche, but if you're trying to outdo a company with more resources and capital than yours, Sam can help. Listen in and see how your business can get a leg up on the competition.

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The most important commodity is time. Time stands still for no one. It doesn't care whose name is on the most buildings, who has the biggest house, or who has the most Instagram followers. Eventually, we will all run out of time, and we need to use it wisely.

What will your legacy be?

Since your time is such a priceless and limited resource, Cameron Herold wants to help you save it. With tips on hiring coaches to the importance of outsourcing, Cameron will be able to help you save some time so you can spend more of it with your loved ones. What are you waiting for? Listen in and enjoy.

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There's no one right way to be an entrepreneur. This is a fact that Dr. Fern Kazlow is very aware of.

And while there is no cure-all for entrepreneurial struggles, there is at least some things you can do that this doctor recommends. Some of the treatments she prescribes include mentorship, thought processes, and understanding the beauty of resistance.

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“Have a good idea daily” this just one of Danielle Tate's numerous quotes that she chooses to live by.

This quote has served Danielle well in working with Empowered Women International and getting companies to break the $1 million dollar mark.

Listen in on this enlightening conversation to hear more about how we can empower an untapped potential in women, and even children, in the entrepreneurial world. Also, see how you yourself can learn to have a good idea daily.

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Scarcity: it's a red flag as a company's driving force. Scarcity in the market place is a man-made construct, and since the marketplace is made of people's wants, needs and desires, people are the key driver.

We all know that true scarcity is only real in certain situations and getting rarer all the time.

This is why instead of creating false scarcity in the marketplace, Dean Sutton has decided to build relationships and then build companies out of those relationships.

When was the last time you leveraged your relationships to build businesses? While the lemonade stand you made with your neighbor during your childhood doesn't quite pay the bills now, you can listen in to see how you can use Dean's advice to help pay the bills that lemonade stand never could.

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“He asked me: ‘So how much does a house cost, in total?'

I told him the number. He said, ‘OK, check your email.'

The full amount had been wired.

My jaw hit the floor.

He had just donated all the money for the second build.”

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Brad Costanzo is living proof that sometimes it just takes one door to open to change everything.

Whatever you want in life is just one connection away.

But if you're always holding back from giving, you can never receive.

Getting returns on your work is incredibly important, but sometimes the best return is the relationship and trust earned through not asking for something in return.

Giving from a place of abundance, giving first and giving often, not only increases our capacity to give, but also, paradoxically, our ability to receive.

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