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Make More Marbles

Overwhelmed clients

Time stamped show notes:

Kylie is the creator of Juicy Transformations. She helps creatives augment their own power. She's celebrating playtime at the beach.

01:13 Wants to move faster on filling her retreat. 

01:26 1 on 1 clients might be different than retreat clients. 

01:50 Retreat clients are more up and coming, 1 on 1 clients more secure in their position.

01:56 Challenge: Language/branding

02:19 Question: 10 second review?

02:25 Release the Resistance: transformational bodywork. “Transforms a fuckton of trauma very quickly.” Combine innocence of youth with the wisdom of age. 

02:48 Question: Where, when, and how much?

02:54 Last weekend in June, in Idlewild, 4 days, $4,000. Comes with micronutrient technology and also 8-week online course afterwards. 

03:13 Question: What objections are you hearing?

03:16 The date – just changed to hopefully accommodate a bigger crowd. Money, a little, but most people say they'll get over it. 

03:45 Biggest objection is “The one more thing.”

04:02 Question: What's your funnel process? Is there an application? 

04:12 Application then 90 minute to 2 hour call.

04:29 Question: Do you have any video or webinars leading up to the retreat to suss out the pain? 

05:11 Idea: Make the price of the pain worse than the price of the time/cost of the retreat.

05:19 Idea: Sidewalk, slow lane, fast lane.  The key is education. Target the problem-aware and the solution-aware.

06:00 Idea: Intent-based branding. Facebook Live –> Squeeze Page –> Application Process

06:49 Idea: Invest in a coach to help up the tech-side game – webinars, etc. 

07:00 Idea: “Let go of your resistance, let go of your overwhelm.” 

07:34 Question: Do you have testimonials? 

–> Video is more powerful

08:05 Idea: Leverage LinkedIn

08:47 Idea: Change name or add a positive name. “I would never pay money to release resistance.” New names?

Three Key Points:

  1. Objections are great fodder for marketing
  2. Pay attention to language
  3. Use the sidewalk, slow lane, fast lane technique to target your audience.