Networking with networkers: leverage your affiliates

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Time stamped show notes:

Stacy has two businesses: a digital online gardening business which helps people around the world grow herbs and vegetables; and life changing adventures for entrepreneurs. She's grateful for her beta on Circus of Entrepreneurs and the help from this group. It was an extraordinary experience. 

01:49 Challenge: We have our big garden summit coming up this year for the garden business. This year we want 100,000 sign-ups. That will change lives, and the revenue from that will mean the business can be done for the year, so I can focus on the circus. What I need to get there: I have a lot of affiliates already, but want to ramp up the affiliate-wheel now. The event is in July. We have a great line and theme. And we knew if we hit our targets, we're golden. We're looking for more affiliates in health and wellness, gardening, podcasts, influencers in those fields to connect with. So, names, or what questions do you ask yourselves when you're finding the influencers that you're looking for? 

03:10 Question: Your event is in July. You're looking for ways to get the information out there, or to connect with people who are able to support that event?

03:29 Yeah, any avenues. It's an online event. Could be anywhere in the world. So it could be influencers, podcasts, blogs, whoever has the most pull.

03:41 Question: Have you done your Dream 100 list? 

03:43 I think we have a Dream 30 right now. 

03:47 Question: Of those 30, how many have you contacted?

03:48 All 30.

03:52 Question: How many affiliates do you normally get?

03:56 We have about 600 affiliates, but we have 20 that are solid.

04:01 Question: How many sign-ups do you normally get? 

04:03 In the past it's been much lower. We have all new affiliates. From our affiliates, we got 15,000 last year. 

04:26 Question: What if you might already be at 100K signups, and you're questioning yourself?

04:31 That's a possibility.

04:38 Question: How many total leads do you need to be able to mail to, to get 100K based on your current conversion?

04:47 Page conversion is usually 67%. I think we worked it out; if I have 9 affiliates who have 250,000 people, then we reach 100,000.

05:09 Question: So the affiliates you're already after, what are you asking them?

05:20 No no, my question was what questions do you ask yourself when you're looking for your Dream 100?

05:28 Suggestion: Who are the biggest people in the space? The easiest way find that is to ask all the affiliate managers that have run big launches, who their top performers were. Even if they're not in your niche. 

06:13 I save the leaderboard from all the launches and then I reach out to those folks with a 10% commission to the affiliate who connects us to a second affiliate.

06:19 That's standard. But are you reaching outside the garden space, as well? 

06:23 Health and wellness.

06:25 Suggestion: Think about entrepreneurship, too.

06:30 Suggestion: Who here doesn't want superfood? That already resonates with me. Most people have some interest in improving their health. 

06:46 Suggestion: This is an offer that might be surprising well out of your lists, because you've never pitched it before. 

06:54 Question: Have you considered reaching out to mom influencers? The mom-bloggers? They're big. 

07:02 I'm trying with Wellness Mama. 

07:18 Question: So back to, what are you asking them, how are you approaching them? What is the strategy.

07:24 We try to find somebody in common and we get an introduction. If not, then we talk about the mission and how it supports their mission. Then the financials, how they benefit. 

07:49 Suggestion: That seems like the golden nugget for you. Find a connection. Find a way to enhance your approach. Who already has an amazing ability to get affiliates? 

08:29 I found the reverse, I'm trying to find this. 

08:35 Suggestion: There's value in figuring out what they're doing; what they're saying and how they're saying it. 

08:46 They all come to me for this. 

08:56 Question: Have you looked at your clients? Their connections? All of our marketing comes from within. How many people have you worked with?

09:08 Tens, hundreds of thousands. 

09:12 Question: How many of those people might have a connection to an influencer? Who have loved your program?

09:25 Brad: But that's why you've gotta bring it up. You can't presume anything. Get more into your Dream 100, and start connecting. Look at your top launches. You just need one big one. Have you tried clickbank and JVZoo? 

09:52 I don't use those. What's the benefit? Everytime I try it just looks like garbage. 

10:01 Brad: Yeah, but there are a lot of people who can promote. And they do billions of dollars in sales. 

10:10 But they can change your price. But it's a good question, I don't know. 

10:19 Brad: If anything you can field other top affiliates, and reach out to them. There's a huge underground industry of people.

10:36 I think that's my limiting belief; that I've always been at the top of the game and people come to me for advice.

10:46 Suggestion: Start thinking of the biggest badass you could reach out to to be on their show. Like Melissa DeMercini. Just one mention could get you 1,000 people. 

11:02 Suggestion: The affiliates who are knocking it out of the park, who do they know who's also hitting it out of the park? 

11:16 Brad: Look up Rebecca Wynn. She has 300,000 – 500,000 people in her Facebook group, Wymsical Gardens. I helped her get a book deal.

Three Key Points: 

  1. Think outside your niche
  2. Find, then use, connection
  3. Write out your Dream 100, then start reaching out

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