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Time stamped show notes:

Brad helps people create Mastermind groups to help people increase their impact and their income in less time. He wants to help people build communities that help people serve themselves and the world so they can make more money, have more fun, solve more problems, and more. He's grateful for a new partnership launch with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi? and Russell Brunson. 

02:10 Challenge: Been working on self-care as the highest priority; working on feeling not good enough. Recently made a breakthrough with a 10-day cleanse. Realized that I never allow myself to just be and do nothing. Looking for suggestions to create thinking time. Just read the book, The Road Less Stupid, by Keith Cunningham, of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It's like an introverted Mastermind. What do you guys do to create clarity?

04:03 Suggestion: The Morning Pages Technique, by Julie Cameron. The Artist's Way. You write three pages first in the morning, stream of consciousness. Even if it's nonsense, like “this is stupid, why am I doing this?” It's like going to the bathroom for the mind. 

04:34 Suggestion: Go sit on the beach and watch the ocean. Have a journal with you. I do that twice a week, when I'm on it.

05:28 Suggestion: For emotional intelligence: journaling, just write I feel… then name the emotion. Gives the emotion a chance to be seen and felt, and then allowed to pass. Sit with it, then write where in your body you feel it. Then write why, or because… I did it for loneliness once. I realized if I felt lonely it meant I had time to do the things I'd been meaning to do. 

07:10 Suggestion: Joe Dispenza meditations. How to access kundalini energy. And The Sedona Method. 

07:25 Sedona Method Paraliminal, tracks 2 and 3. 

07:33 Suggestion: The Ultimate Freedom Folder. 

07:42 Question: You want more things to do that don't require work, but you still want clarity? 

07:53 Something that's not work, but still feels productive. To satiate my brain's need to do things.

08:04 Question: Do you allow yourself time to think of nothing? Do you meditate?

08:09 No, that scares the crap out of me. 

08:20 Suggestion: Guided meditation on YouTube. Frequency meditations. 

09:22 Suggestion: Gardening. Bought a bunch of pots, and potting plants. 

10:08 In school, I'd skip school and go to the mall. I loved the Bonsai shop. Ended up with a Bonsai for $20. It survived my college dorm, but I gave it to my mom and it was dead in two days. 

11:20 Suggestion: Journal on the doer. Ask the doer what benefits they're bringing to your life. 

11:35 I know what's up. If I'm not doing anything I'm wasting my time. If I'm wasting my time then my life is meaningless. If I'm meaningless then I don't matter. If I don't matter I'm not worthy of love. Etc. I know what it is. I don't have the capacity to change it. I don't know if I'm ready to let go of who I am just yet. 

12:10 Suggestion: Esther Hicks, Into the Vortex. Comes with a CD, that has a guided meditation that I listen to as I'm falling asleep. 

12:38 Suggestion: Do you write out a clear checklist every day. Showers are great. The water deactivates the prefrontal cortex, so your subconscious can come in. That's why you get good ideas in the shower. Take a walk in nature. Group meditation. DMT breathing, then an hour of group meditation. 

14:01 Idea: Digital detox Mastermind, totally off the grid, somewhere in the woods. 

14:58 Suggestion: Do you ever just unplug and watch movies or documentaries? 

15:41 Suggestion: Book, The Untethered Soul. 

15:46 Surrender Experiment is my favorite.

15:52 Suggestion: Movement meditation: Qi Gong. 

16:41 Suggestion: Meditation; Seconds App. For 10 seconds of 60 seconds, you actively choose your thought, like gratitude. Then for 50 seconds, you have no thought. It's super active. If you can't stop thinking, focus on your breath. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Books: The Untethered Soul, Surrender Experiment, Into The Vortex
  2. If you’re resistant to meditation, try guided meditation or movement meditation like Qi Gong.
  3. Water deactivates the prefrontal cortex, so your subconscious can come in. That's why you get good ideas in the shower. 

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