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The Art of Overcoming: How to Coach Yourself into a Better Life Story with Mat Shaffer

Mat Shaffer is a maniac on a mission! He is an Authenticity Coach, speaker, and entrepreneur dedicated to helping people discover their true identity, passion, and highest purpose.

Personal development is his highest passion, and he loves using the tools and lessons he's developed over years of this work to support anyone ready to banish Inauthentic Life Syndrome (ILS) forever and rediscover their authentic self and a fulfilling life.

Listen in to learn more!

The Art of Overcoming: How to Coach Yourself into a Better Life Story with Mat Shaffer

Time stamped show notes:

[00:57] Introduction

[01:14] Mat's purpose in being a coach and speaker

[02:02] Providing value and creating change in the most positive way

[04:10] Trial attorney in criminal defense, restaurant owner, and a drug addict for a short time

[04:43] Using every experience you can to serve people

[05:15] Leverage the experience to connect. We connect by storytelling.

[05:46] Not everyone can relate to success, but everybody can relate to failure.

[06:22] Vulnerability creates a space for others to be vulnerable.  

[06:37] Coaching relationship should never be 50/50

[08:20] Be clear with your what and your why when hiring a coach.

[09:55] It’s over when values conflict.

[13:30] Know your values.

[14:11] Harnessing your intuition, anchoring your values, and being able to distinguish your intuition from your ego

[16:15] Ascension Leadership Academy

[17:29] Mat's book recommendation

[22:34] How are your beliefs imprisoning you?

[26:48] How to reach Mat

[29:41] Mat’s parting words

Three key points:

  1. Using your life experience to connect and serve others
  2. Getting clear on what you want before investing in coaching
  3. Beliefs and values

Resources mentioned:

  1. https://alasandiego.com/
  2. Book: The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz