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Make More Marbles

Look to those who’ve come before you for successful strategies

Time stamped show notes:

LiJagger teaches women how to give their partners erotic massage. She's grateful for meeting with Tamara and John today. 

01:20 Challenge: Will start putting ads on Twitter (they're more sex-friendly). No experience with Twitter advertising. Does anybody have any tips? Rules for video? 

01:54 Question: Other than the fact that Twitter is more sex-friendly, is there a reason that you're choosing that over YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook? 

02:04 No. Facebook is not sex-friendly and will probably kick the ad off. YouTube, I'm not sure. 

02:15 Suggestion: Twitter is like a newsfeed, so you have to post 30-60 times a day to be relevant. Maybe look at YouTube, instead. 

02:53 Suggestion: Who knows Poopourri? They've taken a taboo and made it beautiful and funny. Analyze how they do what they do and translate that to erotic massage.

03:52 Suggestion: How-to stuff should be on YouTube. Harmon Brothers did Poopourri, unicorn squatty potty thing. The book is called Poop to Gold. 

04:13 Suggestion: Have you thought of Instagram? 

04:24 Cycle and Sex, embody period? They're women who are constantly talking about sex, in general, water births, etc. Sex With Emily, who has a podcast. Maybe partner with them? Joint venture with them. Instagram is super visual. Then you can segue into Instagram TV – you can shoot it horizontal and then put them on YouTube.

05:50 Suggestion: Make it either art or humor. 

05:55 Question: Do you already have success stories? Like from happy husbands?

06:13 No, not yet.

06:29 Suggestion: Quickly give the training to a few ladies in committed relationships, then interview the guys. Then just bleep out any “dirty” words. The bleeps are enticing. 

06:50 Question: Do you have the rest of the funnel already set up? 

06:59 Not yet. 

07:09 Suggestion: The medium is less important. Dial in on the funnel. Each moving part is either a gate or a brick wall. 

Three Key Points

  1. Create your funnel before you worry about an ad platform.
  2. Look at accounts on Instagram to learn how up turn sex into art or humor to get around censors.
  3. Testimonials from happy husbands/partners.