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Time stamped show notes:

Liz is a video marketing strategist. She helps people grow on YouTube and organic video marketing strategies. She's grateful for her health, her best friend, and her dogs.

01:00 Challenge: One month out from a very big launch – YouTube Growth Accelerator Program. I want 30 people for a 60-day challenge. In conversations with 100s of people. We want to deliver a red carpet experience for everyone. But everyone's challenges are so different and unique. It's overwhelming. Please help with time management. I want enrollments. I want the clients to get value out of it. 

02:23 Question: What type of program is it? Price point? How many clients? How big is your team?

02:31 60 day accelerator, Mastermind. Weekly calls + assignments + onboarding. First two weeks will be crazy. The rest will be follow-up. First time running this as a group thing. $5K for 60 days. Team is just me and my assistant, for this project. Four in total. 

03:21 Question: Why would you call this a Mastermind and not just a program? 

03:27 It's small groups. I want long-term relationships with people. I'd love it to be monthly yearly recurring. 

04:02 When I think Mastermind I think six months to a year. Higher price point. More one on one time. A retreat or two.

04:15 So the 60-day accelerator is a program. I'd like to draw a handful of the best-suited people from that to funnel into a Mastermind.

04:37 Suggestion: Bucket people during the onboarding. Use a form, identify a base issue among a small group. Have you noticed trends?

05:05 Yes, for sure. Some people want revenue, some people want subscribers, etc. 

05:20 Suggestion: try to whittle it down to three buckets. 

05:42 Question: What is your most consuming challenge? Is it time-management? Or understanding how you will serve everyone? 

06:06 The experience is dialed in and locked in. Time management is maybe better said as, there are people who have expressed interest across the board, with YouTube in general. It's more of a qualifying process for me. Is this a hot or warm lead? Have they lost interest? It's more like figuring out where all the leads are at. 

06:57 Suggestion: It sounds like you had a one-on-one that did well. You're transitioning into a pilot program for an accelerator or zero to 60 onramp, to potentially get Mastermind clients out of it. There are a few things you could do. Run it as a stand alone program, reenroll at the end. Or two-phase deal – if you get X results by Y date, you are automatically enrolled in the Mastermind for one year. If not, we can talk further to decide if we work together. Dial down the pressure on yourself. Communicate that it's a Beta group. Send out surveys, ask for feedback, etc. Get clear on the transformation: where they're at, and where they want to go. Try not to have too many buckets. Narrow down your client base. 

09:20 Everyone who joins will get my video growth course: 60 lessons on how to do each thing. 

09:31 Question: So your challenge is being able to discern from all the leads that you have, how to manage them? 

09:42 Yes, what we're doing now is booking sales calls. 

10:14 Suggestion: Have two assistants, one that does all the back end, and one that does all the onboarding – checklist, etc. 

10:40 Suggestion: Leverage testimonials. If you know that you can sell it, it's possible to sell via webinars. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Leverage your team members; even if the team is small, have one on the front end and one on the back end.
  2. Leverage your beta phase, work out the kinks
  3. Narrow down your ideal client base; try not to have too many buckets

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