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The Uber Connector: Larry Benet Talks the Art of World Class Relationships and Networks

Larry Benet is the CEO of the Speakers and Authors Networking Group, SANG, a group of some of the most successful speakers and authors in the world.

His goal is to raise a billion dollars over his lifetime through his connections, business ventures, and social influence. He is a strong advocate for many charity organizations, and he believes that we can and will change the world and solve the problems that plague so many people here in our own country.

Listen in to learn how to build world class relationships!

The Uber Connector: Larry Benet Talks the Art of World Class Relationships and Networks

Time stamped show notes:

[00:43] Larry spent a lot of time with people that Brad truly admires: Tony Robbins, Sara Blakely

[1:09] People will respect you for your successes and love you for your failures

[01:20] Larry came from a middle-class neighborhood in New York

[01:40] Larry battled depression numerous times

[2:08] April 1, 2006, Larry fired because of doing too much networking

[2:24] Larry is famous for today because of his network

[2:42] Money/bank account does not define you

[2:53] It’s all about your past challenges and failures

[3:04] The ability to connect is based on vulnerability and authenticity

[3:40] For Larry it’s not about taking; it’s about giving. It’s about serving

[3:42] Give first; add value always

[3:50] You should meet people, be curious about people, offer to help people as much as you can.

4:02] Went for a walk in LA, met random strangers, not talking about business, more casual talks

[4:20] Most successful connectors, the business development experts, the best relationship guys in the world, they are just curious about people

[12:45] Organize connections based on people’s passions

[14:33] It’s the process and systems–they have to be organized. If you are not organized, you will never be able to build your network

[16: 22] Ask yourself will this matter in 5 years? Most often -absolutely not

[17:27] Figure out what gets you going and in motion

[23:55] Real value is the underlying technology

[24:22] Get educated and invest

[25:17] There’s a book called Angel Investing by Jason Calcanis. Give your money to the professionals, and let them handle your money. Diversify – don’t put your eggs in one basket

[27:09] Get your goals as clear as possible. Figure out your whys

[29:23] It’s not about having thousands of people. It’s about enough people having integrity, values, and principles

[33:51] Nurture relationships

[34:25] Give first and add value always. Play the long game. Help other people. Make a difference. Do the right thing, and good things will come back. It’s all about high trust relationships

Three key points

  1. Connecting with others
  2. Adding value, serving others, and making a difference
  3. Organize connections and relationships that will help your goals

Resources mentioned:

  1. Nimble CRM Tool
  2. Book: Angel Investing by Jason Calacanis
  3. larrybenet.com/ebook