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Make More Marbles

It’s time to change the conference paradigm

Time stamped show notes:

Alexandria is an experiential coordinator. She creates multi-day experiences and retreats. She's currently working on building a multi-day conference for coaches. She's grateful for her community this week.

01:20 Request: Follow the Instagram for the conference: A Conscious Coach. 

01:35 Three members will be speaking. 

02:00 Request: Like it on Facebook, too, please.

02:08 Challenge: any ways to get the word out. 

02:24 Question: When is it?

02:28 September 28th – October 1st, in San Diego. It's for coaches who are between 1 and 3 years of business that want to build a sustainable business so that they can then scale from there, and create community and connection. 

02:58 That's exactly what I'm looking for! I have to process this.

02:36 Question: Location?

03:09 Marriott Marquee. $750 for early bird, then $950. VIP is $2,200 for early bird, then $2,500. VIP includes hotel and lunch. 

03:30 There will be 40 speakers. 

03:40 Question: What are you looking for in your speakers? 

03:43 They're entrepreneurs. Specialize in strategies, systems, and scaling. Tapping or Reiki – master Reiki of lineage. 

04:21 Suggestion: Ask each of the speakers to send you a 1-3 minute video talking about why they are excited to be at your paradigm-creating, breakthrough conference. Create a challenge for everyone who is already signed up – videos of why they're excited. Then once a week there's a drawing for a free ticket to bring a friend. 

06:33 Suggestion: Create a Facebook challenge just for coaches to help them overcome conference trauma from the past. 

07:32 Let's start a movement to transform conferences into nurturing places. 

07:44 Suggestion: Bring community back. 

Three Key Points:

  1. It's time to change the conference-paradigm.
  2. Community is about give and take.
  3. Video challenges create buzz.