It’s important to invest in branding

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Time stamped show notes:

Kirsten F owns a real estate office through which she's just started an energetic house-clearing business. She's stuck on the name. She's grateful for her new house. 

00:59 Challenge: The current domain is the 12th Door. We like 12 because it's an elevated dimension. WHen we come in to clear houses, we call in energy from other dimensions. But I've realized that I don't want it to be woo-woo. I want it to be consumer. I want something like Zillow, that doesn't necessarily want the name connected to energy. 

02:08 Question: So you want the name to be straightforward, not woo-woo? 

02:21 I'll ask you guys, how do you feel about the 12th door? Or the name being woo-woo?

02:25 Suggestion: I think you should call yourselves ghost busters. 

02:27 No.

02:35 Brad, it's probably trademarked. 

02:40 Suggestion: The first thought I got was the name Clearing. Or, The Clearing. 

02:43 I like that.

02:52 Question: Where do you currently get most of your leads? 

03:00 No leads. We get them from word of mouth or through the agent I work with, who's high-producing. 

03:19 Suggestion: If your intention is to go into organic and SEO-based lead-generation, I can definitely tell you, The 12th Door will not bring anyone in. If you can somehow say what it is you do, in the title, from an SEO standpoint, you'll do way better.

 03:48 Suggestion: Distinguish yourself from clearing versus cleaning. 

04:07 Suggestion: It could be in the tag that it's more straightforward. Or make the name a story idea. Use a totem. Ghost Dusters. 

04:54 Suggestion: Hire a branding expert. Go through branding exercises. To nail it, companies sometimes spend millions, we can't do it in 8 minutes.

05:47 Suggestion: Scale it. People have this desire, so it's probably worth investing to start out with a solid brand and solid name recognition. 

06:21 Suggestion: Think about it on every level, as a total house clean. I like the clean slate, that you had mentioned earlier. 

06:40 Suggestion: You come across as very credible and genuine, I don't think you need to apologize for the woo-woo. Give them the facts. Let the skeptics go off on their own.

07:17 Suggestion: This is a good time for you. You can trend hack off of Marie Condo. 

07:52 Suggestion: Everyone is raving about her stuff. Not everyone has the time to do it. 

07:59 Suggestion: It might be that Marie Condo's message wouldn't resonate with people if she led with, “I pray for your house.” But people do resonate with the tidying up thing, it's more tangible. Then once they're hooked, they read the book. It's about what gets them in the door. It's about what they need to hear. 

08:18 I hear that, and I see so much potential. It makes think about partnering with her or something. 

08:57 Suggestion: Think of maybe franchising it, and actually partner with others. 

09:10 I think of making it as mainstream as Zillow. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Trend hack! 
  2. You’ve got to nail the name
  3. Hire a branding expert; if you have big dreams, it will be worth it

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