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Make More Marbles

Integrator and Implementation

Time stamped show notes:

Jenny is an impact consultant. She helps people get clear on their vision. Her program is Burn Bright, Don't Get Burned Out. She is celebrating the conversations she has in Mastermind. 

01:44 Challenge: Great integrator; takes a vision and makes things happen. Having a hard time separating being the integrator and the implementer. Wants to keep it at consulting, not full-on. 

02:50 Question: How is the contracting/pricing set up? 

02:54 Monthly retainers for specific hours, working with leadership teams, per week. 

03:06 Question: Is the offer clear, to keep clients inbounds? 

03:11 No. I need to firm that up. 

03:22 Question: Do you pre-qualify your clients, to make sure they will have the support they need for the follow through? 

03:28 They don't have the pieces in place.

03:41 Question: What is your ideal scenario? 

03:50 Still figuring that out. Trying out a workshop format.

04:14 Question: Do you have a methodology or process? 

04:21 Loosely. It's more like an audit. 

04:37 Suggestion: Set to prices. If you want me to come make suggestions, it's X price. If you want me to fix things, it's X price (more inflated). A, B, C. Make it tight.

05:36 Suggestion: Establish boundaries. Check-in; is this in the spirit of the arrangement, or is this more than I signed up for. 

06:11 Suggestion: Everybody wants somebody who can do it all. If you don't want to, keep people close who can do what you don't want to. Make referrals, take a cut.

07:50 Suggestion: Take on an intern. 

08:26 Suggestion: And refer people at different price points.

Three Key Points:

  1. Clarify your ideal scenario
  2. Set boundaries
  3. Outsource the work you don't want to do – make referrals.