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Make More Marbles

Helping people level up by taking risks

Time stamped show notes:

Stacy has two businesses; an international online gardening business and a new one, adventures for entrepreneurs. The first event is a circus. 

01:01 Beta event will be May 3rd. 

01:43 Circus for Entrepreneurs is literally that: trampolines, trapeze, clowning, etc. Take big risks to get into the next level and more grounded in the body. 

02:01 Beta: I want stories. Footage from participants. 

02:34 Inviting ideal clients is complimentary, so people are kind of flakey. 

02:54 Challenge: Looking for ways to get more invitees, quickly. Going to Meetups, etc, but looking for more. Ideally coaches who have clients who'd be a great fit in the future. 

03:23 Question: How many people do you need? Have you shared this with influencer friends? 

03:31 12 to 20.  I haven't gone to influencer friends yet. 

03:44 Suggestion: Define your ideal client better. 

04:15 Risk isn't binary, this will help people take even bigger risks. 

04:26 Question: Are you open to people who are risk-averse? 

04:46 Suggestion: Using case studies from people who are already risk-takers isn't as sexy as helping some take their first big risk. Nich down: 35-45 menstrual women who jumps off something while she's bleeding. 

05:32 Question: What is the commitment? 1-day? And where?

05:37 Half-day, here in San Diego, close to downtown.

05:54 Suggestion: $150 deposit that you get back if you attend. 

06:15 Question: What pain are you moving them away from? What is their Point A?

06:29 First guess is that I've they've been building their business they're been experiencing success but they're always anxious for more success, faster. They'll talk themselves out of taking a big risk at the last second. 

06:50 Can you tie that to an opportunity cost? 

06:59 That's a good idea! 

07:10 Suggestion: Tie it to a dollar figure. IE, Circus led to X deal for me. 

07:42 That's already my story, my goal is now to get their stories. 

07:48 Question: Price point? 

07:51 Complimentary for the Beta run

08:12 Question: Do you have an event page?

08:17 CircusforEntrepreneurs.com

Three Key Points:

  1. Define your ideal client; then define their path.
  2. Tie your program to an opportunity cost.
  3. Keep leveling up your risk