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Make More Marbles

Go meet your potential new clients in their own backyard

Time stamped show notes:

Frank is the sales manager for the align virtual agency. He helps entrepreneurs who are making $50-100K per month. He's starting a small mastermind, which will grow into a large program, to help entrepreneurs who are secretly struggling with addiction to break free through high-performance sobriety. He's celebrating his new chapter as a Digital Nomad. 

01:20 Challenge: Helped people with digital marketing before, but with budgets of $10,000-$50,000. I don't have that right now. I need to discover as many different places as I can, where I can meet people who would be in my target market: successful entrepreneurs, executives, realtors, high level sales people, coaches/consultants. Anybody who is in the Abraham Hicks community – 40% of that room is high level alcoholics/addicts, who want to break free. 

02:54 Question: To be clear on your challenge, you're looking for people in the business who are struggling with addiction, but who are already successful. 

03:01 Either successful as entrepreneurs or enrollers. They make over $10K a month and despite financial success, that they thought would rid them of addictions, they're still stuck in addition. But by day, they're rockstars. On social media, their lives look phenomenal. 

03:26 Question: Does it matter it it's in person or online? 

03:27 I want it to be in person to enroll my first 8 people. The vision is a first cohort of 8, then 32 (4 groups of 8), then 160 (5 groups of 32). 

03:43 Question: What is your dream scenario of how you would approach them?

03:49 Just opening a conversation about life. Leverage my own story. By framing it like, “is there anybody that you know,” often leads people to admit their own struggles. 

04:20 Is it okay that there's alcohol in that scenario when you meet them? 

04:26 Suggestion: Abraham Hicks Meetup groups. There are two, East County and Central San Diego.

05:09 Suggestion: Realtors have mixers. Young Realtors Network meet every Friday. 

05:30 San Marcos Meetup Group – started as AA, but they also do Joe Despenda? 05:35 stuff. Joyful Co-creators, Lana Catz. 

06:06 Suggestion: Look at Eventbrite for networking events. SDEE, San Diego Entrepreneur E-something. 

06:48 Suggestion: Go to chambers of commerce in wealthy locations, like Carlsbad. Del Mar, La Joya, etc. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Leverage platforms like Meetup and Eventbrite to find places to network.
  2. Define your vision.
  3. Target your avatar's geography.