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Make More Marbles

Go meet your community

Time stamped show notes:

Steven just moved to Encinitas after two years in Thailand. He's celebrating his mother, who's been his guide, even after her death three years ago. 

01:05 Challenge: Learned an ancient breathing technique, that I've turned into a multi-sensory meditation experience that leads to profound changes in the human experience. I'm now in charge of business development across America, to grow the new business behind this practice. 

01:49 Question: What's the name of the company?

01:49 Soma Breathwork. Soma Breath. Just had an event in Encinitas which sold out. Following that success, I need to set up studios and classes to show investors that it will work. I need to train instructors. I need to set up here, get it running, then move to the next city. How do I expose myself to the city? I just lost a deal because I didn't know how to market and get people in the class. 

02:46 Question: Are you aware of Wim Hof's marketing strategy? 

02:53 Yes. Our CEO and Founder traveled with Wim Hof for several years. Marisa Peer's husband is our business partner. 

03:11 Question: I mean from the marketing standpoint. 

03:19 We're just started a shift away from partnerships to only in-house events, just like Wim Hof. So, yeah, we're mimicking his model. 

03:32 Question: How did you sell out the event that you just did?

03:36 Got on a local podcast. He sold about 60% of tickets. Soma's online presence sold the rest. 

04:10 There wasn't a huge conversion after the event. 

04:13 Question: Do you know Andrew Sloan? 

04:17 Question: Do you have a weekly event – to create traction? 

04:20 That's my move right now, but the yoga studio pulled out. Focusing on more established yoga schools to leverage their marketing platform. Nobody knows who I am. How to I present myself as an influential coach? 

05:16 Question: Do you have any video?

05:17 Tons. 

05:27 Question: When will that be live?

05:27 Hopefully in a week and a half. 

05:49 Suggestion: Go to as many events as you can to get your name and face out there. Bring a card, flyer, etc. Leverage this place. 

07:03 Suggestion: Focus more on breathwork and less on coaching. Be a guest at every yoga studio you can. 

07:33 Suggestion: If you give me a card I'll throw it away, but if you give me an experience, I'll more likely follow through. 

07:52 Suggestion: Give them a low-commitment, high-value way to experience what you do. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Everybody is a coach now, focus on the thing you do.
  2. Give your audience a low-commitment, high-value way to experience what you do. 
  3. Get out into the community and meet as many people as you can.