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Get me on a stage

Time stamped show notes:

Giovanna is the author of Let Me Break It Down For You. She's also a speaker and a healing consultant. She's grateful for the opportunity to meet everyone at the Mastermind. 

01:02 The book is about understanding energy and frequencies all around you. If people could understand the energies that are affecting them – some people are very sensitive to them, some people are insensitive to them – then they could be gentler with themselves. 

01:52 Challenge: Getting the word out. Book promotion. Gaining clients. Getting on stages to talk about it. 

03:01 Question: Did you find any good takeaways from Alex's share? 

03:02 Instagram, festival? Not sure I want to put on my own event. Would rather be a part of a package. 

03:41 Question: Have you considered a book launch? 

03:52 Did two book launches. Is doing a free Q&A at Eve on April 16th – paid for Facebook advertising for that. 

04:04 Suggestion: For sponsorships to tradeshows and the like, there's one in Las Vegas. Free event, big turnout, all about holistic healing. 

04:36 Question: What is your endgame? 

04:44 I want to consult and help people heal and understand their energy environment. 

04:55 Has a consulting package; individually based because everyone's problem is a little different. Endgame = helping people who want to be healthier and happier but don't realize what's keeping them stuck. 

05:41 Question: What medium do you want to use? 

05:50 Stages, to get more people to help. 

06:07 Question: How many events have you pitched? 

06:09 None, yet. 

06:27 Question: How will you know when you've been successful? Do you want to engage 1 on 1 with people? Do you want to reach people en masse? 

06:44 Success looks like testimonials from people saying they're healthier and happier because of the information that I've provided them. 

07:10 Suggestion: White label the book, so different conference or companies can have their name or logo or something on the cover. If you have the budget, you could donate the book to the right conferences. Could end up being cheaper cost-per-lead than Facebook ads. 

08:56 Suggestion: Dial in, what are you pushing people towards. Get really clear on pain points. Educate them on what “energy” is. 

09:33 Suggestion: Have you considered a publicist? It costs $15,000, but they do all the work. 

09:51 Suggestion: Try to get on as many podcasts as you can. 

Three Key Points:

  1. If you can, give your book away as a marketing tool
  2. Get on as many podcasts as you can
  3. Dial in on your audience’s pain points, then cater to fixing that