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Make More Marbles

Focus on the Queen

Time stamped show notes:

Lee empowers women and gay men in the bedroom. She teaches people how to do an erotic massage on a man. She's grateful for her new life coach, Laura. 

01:32 Is branding like how people see me?

01:39 Challenge: I don't know the name of my course. I only know the content. Played with “treating your man like a king.” The Royal Treatment. Pamper Your Man Like a King. That kind of thing. 

02:18 Toying with the idea of using a photograph of a naked man with women's hands on his body reaching for “the good stuff.” With a crown covering him. 

02:56 Brainstorm on ideas:

02:56 Sovereign touch

03:16 Question: Why would a man or woman use the service? What would they learn? 

03:23 It's about empowering the woman. A lot of women don't feel proficient, sexually. Or at least that's who I'm catering to. 

03:41 Increase intimacy. 

03:52 The client is not the recipient?

03:52 Correct.

04:02 Suggestion: The whole king thing, that's not empowering. 

04:12 When you treat your man like a king, he will treat you like a queen. 

04:29 Suggestion: Kingdom Come?

04:59 Question: Are you catering just to couples or individuals, as well? 

05:07 Couples is a good angle. 

05:50 No module for men to practice on women. Has a referral in mind. 

06:12 Suggestion: Run Facebook ads.

06:18 This won't fly on Facebook; it'll get shut down in five minutes. 

06:31 Suggestion: No, just word it properly, you need market reflex to see who responds the most. Focus on either women, or gay guys, or couples. Then expand. 

07:34 Suggestion: Let's hear more about the queen. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Start narrow. Identify a group, focus on them.
  2. The name is everything.
  3. Run Facebook ads to get a market reflex.