Finding your name and asking for help

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Time stamped show notes:

Sharleen is an intuitive strategist. She just had one of the most synchronous weekends of her entire life, with her good friend Courtney.

01:23 Challenge: I'm creating my Facebook group and I'm struggling with the name. My marketing guy says it needs to be about intuition, that's my focus. He says it's about improving intuition. But improving points to the fact that it needs help, that it needs to be fixed. So I don't like that word. Expand your intuition is okay. But I don't quite have it yet.

01:47 Question: Who's it for? Who's the avatar?

01:55 Spiritually-driven entrepreneurs. 

02:02 Brad: So why not like Intuition for Entrepreneurs?

02:02 That's what he said.

02:17 Brad: It works, it hits; people are looking for that keyword. You don't want a super long title. 

02:25 Are people really searching for intuition for entrepreneurs, though?

02:28 Brad: Or how about The Intuitive Entrepreneur? 

02:43 That's true, I can always change it later. But I want it to feel good. You just helped me make it feel good. So that works.

02:51 Secondary challenge: So I'm a healer, and I've done amazing healings, but I'm not able to heal myself. I have a bone growth, and I can only get it to 23% improvement. So I know I need surgery, and I'm asking for support. If anyone wants to help walk my dogs, I'd appreciate it. I can't be up doing anything for days. 

04:00 Question: Are you open to having a house guest who could wait on your hand and foot, and also walk your dogs?

04:01 I am. It's hard, but I am.

Three Key Points:

  1. It’s okay to ask for help. Ask for help.
  2. Using keywords in your name is okay. People are looking for keywords.
  3. You don’t want a long name.

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