Fighting fear and stepping into your calling

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Time stamped show notes:

Charity is a middle and high school teacher. She thinks it's time to pursue entrepreneurship. She's celebrating a family reunion for the first time in six years. 

01:40 Challenge: I know I'm interested in being an entrepreneur, but I have no idea what I want to do. 

02:00 Opportunities have presented themselves, that sound great. But I have reservations. I think I'm still stuck in my teacher mindset.

02:18 Question: Why can't you be a teacher? Why can't you do that as an entrepreneur?

02:26 Charity: I still want to teach, regardless of what I do.

02:29 Question: What do you love to teach? 

02:37 Psychology.

02:42 Suggestion: So that's like information; you could sell that all day long! 

02:48 Question: What format do you want to teach to? Courses? Online? Events?

02:55 Charity: I'd like to do it in-person. 

03:03 Suggestion: You have a great presence about you. You'd easily sell tickets. 

03:12 Suggestion: You look like an expert. You're eloquent – your energy, the way you carry yourself. 

03:17 Question: What's the fear?

03:20 Charity: I don't know where to start. I've had some opportunities come up in network marketing and trading. My question is, do I go after something that I know works? 

03:48 Brad: Both of those have a steep learning curve, and a lot of risk. Trading especially. 

04:02 Suggestion: It's funny that you're asking if you should go after something that “works” after you just said that teaching works. Being a teacher is in your bones. It's about shifting that to a different format. 

04:31 Question: If you could have it all your way, what would that look like?

04:38 Charity: I love the age group that I teach, but I'd be teaching lots of different things related to psychology, with young adults or adults. Mostly young adults, college age. 

04:58 Question: Is there a specific reason why you like teaching young adults about psychology?

05:05 Charity: I want them to know themselves. I didn't when I was that age. I've learned a lot, so I want to give that back.

05:15 Question: What results will they get from knowing themselves at that age? 

05:22 Charity: Not going after things that they're told to do. Looking at the world differently. Being confident.

05:36 So you want to create a generation of critical thinkers who living lives that create for themselves, as opposed to fitting into a mould? That's pretty powerful!

05:47 Brad: Are you worried that you won't make enough money? 

05:53 Charity: Yeah.

05:54 Brad: The self-education industry, which is essentially what you're talking about, is $355 million a day industry that's poised to triple in the next five years, to $1 billion a day? That's 1,000 $1 million a day!

06:13 Question: What's your bare minimum that you would want to make? That would make it okay to leave your job?

06:24 Charity: I've thought about this a lot. $250,000. I don't know why. That's what makes sense to me. 

06:43 This is a beautiful vision. I know motivational speakers that travel to high schools around the world, and they get paid big bucks, because the school has the money. They change 1,000s of lives at a time, in person. And they get an exciting life. I also know people who are deep in with small groups. 

07:48 It can look a lot of different ways.

07:55 Or it could be online, teaching homeschoolers or other teachers. 

08:06 Question: What other fears do you have? If you hold on to the vision, it will pull you to it. It's the fears that you have that are blocking you.

08:22 Charity: I guess just believing that I'm worth that. I'm so stuck in my path, that I know and is comfortable, that it's hard to look outside that, and believe that I can do it. 

08:50 So before you learn how to ride a bike it was unknown. It was probably scary. But as you do it, it becomes second nature. It's the same for every big decision we make. There's always a learning curve. We all struggle with worthiness. 

09:50 There's also maybe a fear of how people will look at you. Let's talk about that. 

10:12 What I'm getting intuitively is that you're not willing to even announce that this is something that you want, because you're afraid that it might not work out. Oh, you just got brighter, what vision did you just have?

10:43 Charity: Just doing this. Seeing myself doing that. 

10:59 Charity: It's not being worried about what people will think. It's just being stuck in the security and allowing myself to be limited, not stepping into who I know that I am.

11:15 It's not about what other people think, maybe. It's about you for yourself. You need to own the vision and speak it out to the universe. Say, “I own this. I'm committed.” 

11:36 Question: What are the other fears? So we can make them seem silly and small and trivial. This is the time. 

11:45 Charity: It's just about owning that for myself. 

11:51: Let's own it for you. How does it feel to own it?

12:02 Let's say, a year from now. Asking what it would look like is focusing the energy, and giving it a path to flow toward. So in your ideal situation, what does that look like? How would you be expressing this beautiful talent that you have?

12:24 Charity: Having a small group of people that I work with. Either a small group like this, or a small classroom. Just being really personal with the people I'm working with.

12:41 Question: How long would the program be?

12:43 I haven't thought that far yet.

12:52 The more you think about this vision, the more space you create for yourself to give yourself what's possible. If you paralyze at every decision, you're not allowing it to flow. But you're worthy of having what you want. 

13:35 Get really specific about your vision: what is it, and how do you want it to unfold. Then it takes on a mind of its own. 

13:53 Question: The little girl in you, who doesn't know limitations, who doesn't know unworthiness, it just in total play and total fun, what would she say she wants with this?

14:00 Charity: She really just wants to help people. 

14:05 Question: What's the biggest she could dream it, and what's the biggest she could dream you to be?

14:07 Charity: Knowing that she has a whole team of support that will be right there to help her every step of the way. She doesn't' have to do it alone.

14:13 Question: Where does she live inside you? 

14:16 Charity: Right here.

14:22 Question: When she answers from there, that playful, joyful, worthy, happy place. Just take any fears or anything – it's just play, it's just fun – what does she say? It doesn't' have to be real. What would say in a make-believe world?

14:37 Charity: I feel super blocked right now. 

14:45 That's okay, just take a deep breath.

14:54 You don't have know right now. But that little girl – she's pretty intelligent, and she has lots to say. I'm sure when she's ready she'll say it. And you'll be ready to hear and acknowledge her. You'll be the genie that's going to help her grant her wish. 

15:16 So really, you're her support. That little girl is the one that wants to talk the other little kids that you want to talk to. We all have an innocent child in us, that hasn't dealt with the programming or the beliefs and fears. They don't' have restrictions because they know their worth and value. 

15:41 If you can keep connecting to her, and letting her guide you, then the fears won't even exist. Fear doesn't' exist in her reality.

15:50 Brad: Don't expect to get it all in day one. Or even day 100. It's a journey; you're just committing to a different path. That path will show up as quickly as you can take it in. 

16:05 Brad: It's insane to think you could eat the whole elephant in one bite. So don't' even start there. What feels good now? Do something good towards it. What feels good tomorrow, do something towards it. Pick up momentum. Use little failures as fuel. 

16:32 The best thing that Daenerys said was, “How do you learn how to ride a dragon? You ride a dragon.” 

16:46 We get to choose our identity all the time. Right now I'm in a similar situation and have a similar block. This process that we go through is good for all of life. Keep reimagining what you want. 

17:04 I do a lot of journaling when I feel blocked. 

17:35 I see like 17 different parallel universe of you, and all of them are extraordinary. 

17:54 Suggestion: Hiring a coach is a good move when you know you want to step out and create your own business, but you're not sure how. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Hiring a coach is a good move when you know you want to step out and create your own business, but you're not sure how.
  2. You’re worthy!
  3. Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

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