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Time stamped show notes:

Kirsten A leads women to discover their self-expression in a very fierce and sensual way. She's grateful for unexpected opportunities that continue to show up in her life. 

01:05 Challenge: Huntress is so expansive and broad that coming up with a tag line has been difficult. I'd love to run a few by you guys. Huntress uses breath, movement, and mindset to help women become fierce, feminine leaders. 

02:31 1. I teach women to tap into their inner huntress to be seen and heard as a strong feminine leader. 2. I teach women to be a huntress and go after what they want, be confident in who they are, and how to lead from the pack. It's about leading from within, raising everyone up together. 3. I teach women to tap into and integrate their inner huntress, the women who goes after what she wants, who's seen and regarded as a leader, and who stands tall in her own fierce, feminine strength. It's about bringing the strong and sensual parts of the women, rather than focusing on, “I'm too masculine.” 

04:10 Suggestion: I liked the energy you had when you said it. You lit up when you said the third one. Energy was lowest when you said the second one. I was responding to you.

04:30 Suggestion: I was responding to the words. I had the least connection to the first one. I connected to the last one the most. 

05:03 Suggestion: Maybe rather than say, “I teach women” – which is all about you – can you restate it like, “I work with women to find…” That gives more agency to your clients. 

05:24 Question: What's the name of your company? 

05:30 Huntress.

05:58 Suggestion: I love the last part of the third one.

06:05 Suggestion: How about, “I teach women to tap into their fierce, feminine strength.”

06:10 Does that say enough? 

06:16 Suggestion: I think this particular line is just to get curiosity or not. It's meant to filter people right off the bat. Then if people bite, you can tell them more. If you drown people with information, they won't be able to process what you say. 

06:39 Okay, so, “I work with women to tap into their fierce, feminine strength?” 

06:43 I like it.

06:54 “I work with women to evoke their fierce, feminine strength.” 

07:02 SUggestion: There needs to be a word that turns it on. Evoke is great! 

07:11 Suggestion: I could see that on your Facebook profile, or header. 

07:40 I also have a huntsmen. 

07:43 Suggestion: That's the invitation for somebody to say, “ooh, tell me more!”

07:56 Suggestion: It's a dividing line between, this is what I do (cool) and tell me more!

08:05 Suggestion: The other important thing for me, I like the idea of autonomy. It's not about me hunting, or even feed someone else with it, it's more like I'm evolving because I came here to evolve. It's very unapologetic but it's singular. When it gets into what anybody else is doing, or what I'm doing for them, it loses all the juice for me, because it's another freaking thing on the list. It's a deeply personal thing. You're working with me to bring out this thing in me. That is a gift. 

09:36 Suggestion: Thank you. Often when I hear the word femininity, it doesn't apply to me. When you say fierce, feminine strength, it speaks to me. I don't associate with masculine or feminine, but for some reason you've nailed me. That's really cool.

Three Key Points:

  1. Keep your tagline brief, but evocative. You want it to be the invitation for someone to say “Tell me more!”
  2. Think about how your wording includes or excludes your audience; make it about them, not you.
  3. Keep your tag line short and sweet. 

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