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Time stamped show notes:

Joe is a mindfulness teacher. He's going to lead you through a seated meditation.

01:07 Tip 1: Always warm up and get fully in your body before you sit down to meditate. 

01:17 Stand up. Jiggle to ground. Feet about shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your knees. Feel your weight in your thighs. Jiggle. Sigh.

01:39 Jiggling is not only fun, it's helping your lymphatic system and immune functions.

01:51 Next, stretch and yawn. Fake it if you need to. Yawning is the fastest way for you to relax.

02:05 Sit down.

02:09 Tip 2: Always sit in a way that your hips are higher than your knees. Move to the edge of your seat. Feel your sitting bones. That's our base. 

02:44 Most of us slouch, so roll your shoulders back and down. Exaggerate the extension of your chest. 

02:59 Tuck your chin slightly. Imagine an invisible thread pulling your crown ever so slightly up. 

03:15 Take a deep breath, through your nose, to the count of five. 

03:22 Breath out through your mouth, with the sound of ahhhhhh. 

03:32 Soften internally. Let go of any tension.

03:49 Smile from your base. 

04:10 Let this infectious, cheeky, playful smile permeate every cell of your body. 

04:15 Now we're ready to meditate.

04:22 Close your eyes. 

04:27 We're going to observe our breath from our base. Be aware of the weight that's supported by out sitting bones and slightly on our feet.

04:40 Tip 3: Meditation is an act of kindness. There will be no trying or striving. Let it be easy, gentle, playful.

05:03 When you're meditating in a busy place, simply say, every sound I hear brings me back to my base. Then return to observing your breath.

05:22 Repeat if you drift away from your base; “Every thought brings me back to my base.” 

05:32 Observe your breath from your base. 

05:38 No points for being stiff. Sway, rock, move as you will. 

05:51 Return your attention to your base. 

05:55 Bell chimes. That's it!

06:18 Feedback: That was wonderful. I felt really grounded. 

06:21 Feedback: It was fun. You brought something fun to it.

06:34 Did it feel easy to do?

06:34 Yes.

06:41 Last week 3 or 4 people said they couldn't meditate, or didn't enjoy meditating. I thought, wow, you just haven't been show how to do it properly. 

07:01 Feedback: I loved how you embraced the train and the kids' laughter. People often think of meditation as pushing things away, but it felt great to accept everything.

07:20 Feedback: Your voice is so eloquent, soothing, comfortable – it feels like home every time I hear you talk. 

07:38 Feedback: I loved what you said about not getting brownie points. Formal meditation looks so upright. But it's not about being perfect. 

08:01 I was taught that way, to meditate through pain. I want to teach it the way I wish I was taught. 

Three Key Points: 

  1. You can meditate.
  2. Keep it fun, keep it playful.
  3. Nobody is keeping score when you meditate. 

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