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Welcome to Make More Marbles!

Thank you for listening to the podcast that John Lee Dumas and I recorded for Entrepreneur On Fire.

As a special bonus for listening, I've gathered all my best resources, guides, and tools under one roof for you (you can bookmark this page for easy reference later).

NOTE: If you sign up for multiple things, you may have to enter your email address and confirm it a couple times. Such are the limitations of the autoresponder I use. Apologies in advance for any issues. If you have any trouble, or if you can't find any of the content, feel free to email us at brad at makemoremarbles dot com. All of the content is linked in the emails that are sent out after you sign up.


First things first…

You can access to the free masterminding content here, including Coach Delina's talk outlining the 10 Top Ways To Find Your Purpose and my Complete Video Report on one of my favorite books of all time, Money: Master The Game By Tony Robbins. 

Are you looking to add additional revenue streams to your business?

We offer a variety of digital marketing, sales funnel, and online course resources that you can utilize right now to grow your business.

If you want to learn how to create and market your online courses more effectively…

Miguel and I have just the thing for you.

Check out our website here for more info about how we can help:

To complement Market Your Course, here's a great resource entitled How To Create An Online Course in 60 Minutes, which is a step by step tutorial where veteran Udemy Instructor Miguel Hernandez (19,000 students and counting) will teach you everything you need to know about how to create awesome online courses.


So, what's next?

You can grab our 5 Proven Strategies For Getting More Students Without Spending A Single Dollar:

Want to kick things into high gear? Our best recommendation, if you want to really take things to the next level, is to learn the “Exact Path To Earning $100k A Year Selling Online Courses”.

Check out our free Master Class that gives you the step by step plan to reach $100k+/yr here:

And last, but not least…

Here, you can sign up for my free webinar, espousing all the strategies I've learned meeting and being mentored by people like Tim Ferriss, Richard Branson, John Romaniello, and Neil Strauss. This is brand new content, never before seen anywhere.

You'll also gain access to my prestigious Productivity Hacks Cheat Sheet, which saves me $10,000+ a year and hundreds of hours of my life.

Want to learn EVEN MORE about digital marketing and sales funnels? 


Here are the links again (click any photo to be taken there)



Here are some of my favorite posts from the blog (packed with great resources).



Again, thanks so much for joining the Make More Marbles Tribe. I'm thrilled to have you here, and I can't wait to help you on your journey.

Now, stop reading, start taking action, and go Make More Marbles.



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