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Energy clearing for realtors

Time stamped show notes:

Kursten owns two real estate offices. She is also a medium, and now does house-clearings with one of her agents. 

01:21 Energetic clearings for spaces. 

01:29 Ideal client is real estate agents. Could be home-owners. 

01:42 Targeting listings that aren't selling, but nobody knows why. 

01:59 Just wants to start doing it. It's not about money.

02:09 Leverage Facebook? Target real estate agents?

02:28 Siobahn Wilcox. 

02:34 Question: Do you need to be in person to do it?

02:36 No.

02:56 Question: Do you need new connections with realtors?

02:59 Wants resources to learn how to market it. Lead generation, etc. Ultimately wants a product that can be trained to leverage other lightworkers. 

03:41 It's not so much about agents, it's about the message to agents; method for marketing to them 

03:49 Observation: if you're approaching agents, you need to reassure them that you're not trying to poach their territory. That will be a source of objection immediately. “I know what it is to be an agent.” “And, no, I'm not trying to steal your territory.” 

04:21 Question: Commercial spaces, too? 

04:21 Yes.

04:35 Hives had to have a clearing.

04:45 Question: Your current partner, does she know what's going on?

04:45 Yes. She came to clear my house.

05:32 So you're clients are ghosts? How do you charge them? 

06:00 Idea: Broaden your niche. Houses where families always go through horrible divorces, etc. The pain point is different: how do I heal my family. So connect with different pain points. 

08:02 Get on MLS and look for houses that have been on the market for a year, reach out to owners directly. Ask them about the energy. Then segue into your services. 

Three Key Points:

  1. Target specific pain points.
  2. Build a list – leverage MLS and other agents.
  3. Make it clear that this isn't about a sale, it's about energy clearing.