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The Heart of a Connector: How to Leverage Media Opportunities by Being a Real Person with Chris Winfield

Chris Winfield is a passionate marketer, speaker, writer and coach in New York City. He aims to help successful entrepreneurs and executives decrease their time spent working while increasing how much they accomplish. He helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and  authors create “unfair advantages” in their businesses, which gets them more publicity, traffic and clients.

He has a simple mission and vision that he wants to make possible for everyone he works with: Work less. Get more. Live life on your terms.

Listen in to learn more!

The Heart of a Connector: How to Leverage Media Opportunities by Being a Real Person with Chris Winfield

Time stamped show notes:

[2:20] Chris’s agency was looking good on the outside but feeling miserable on the inside.

[3:25] The company imploded and everything went wrong.

[3:50] Turning point where Chris decided to change everything

[4:40] The most painful but best time of Chris’s life

[5:10] Spirituality as a guiding principle of Chris’s life

[6:28] Brad was raised Catholic and how it now affects his life

[7:03] Gratitude is everything.

[7:40] How the universe will conspire against and for you

[8:40] Gratitude lists and how they have changed Chris’s life

[11:05] Manifestation/law of attraction

[11:40] Trying too hard and getting frustrated when things don’t happen

[12:30] Meeting with people and not looking for anything and being open and honest about where he was at

[13:47] Chris’s favorite Steve Jobs quote

[15:05] Brad's history and experience with masterminds

[18:45] Intuition is everything to Chris.

[23:50] Why they don’t watch the news

[25:00] Deciding whom to spend time with and when to cut people out

[27:25] Favorite ego quote from Chris

[28:15] Brad's writing about curing depression

[30:45] Chris’s Unfair Advantage event in New York

[32:40] The media needs you just as much as you need them.

[34:30] Focusing on writing a book and doing more and more TV

[36:45] Chris’s beliefs about money growing up

[37:30] Whom Chris looks up to in the super connector world

[40:20] Reading books and recommendations

[45:35] How to support Chris Winfield

[47:10] Where to find Chris and his event

Three key points:

  1. How gratitude, manifestation, and intuition play a big role for Chris
  2. Looking into media and books
  3. Chris’s event and connecting with the best of the best

Resources mentioned:

Unfair Advantage Event

Nevil Goddard Books

Vanessa Horn Captivate Book

Ray Dalio’s Principles Book

Think and Grow Rich Book