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Quitting Video Game Addiction, Building a Massive Following: Cam Adair Talks Game Quitters

Overcoming addiction is one 0f the most challenging things we can do, and helping other people beat addiction can be just as difficult.

But Cam Adair has done both. He conquered his video game addiction and then helped thousands of other people do the same.

He was able to use his own personal experience with addiction to connect with others and help them with their addictions. He even created a coaching program to build a massive following and help more people.

Listen in and see what you can learn from our good friend Cam Adair!

Quitting Video Game Addiction, Building a Massive Following: Cam Adair Talks Game Quitters

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[1:08] Cam Adair founded Game Quitters.

[2:49] The foundation of Game Quitters

[4:32] There’s a reason we relapse.

[6:36] The final turning point in Cam’s rehabilitation

[8:44] Deciding to capitalize the market

[9:30] Cam’s platforms

[11:20] Life of an addicted gamer

[11:57] How you can attract the audience that doesn’t know they need you

[13:46] Transferring Cam’s experience to your business

[15:24] Navigating a conversation so others know you aren’t attacking

[16:45] How Cam got into Reddit and had success with it

[17:47] The key to being on Reddit is to be apart of Reddit

[20:16] Cam Adair helps others with their eating, porn, and video game addictions.

[20:42] Getting over an addiction successfully requires a replacement.

[23:02] 90-day addiction recovery plan

[24:11] The replacement

[27:20] Being engaged

[29:14] How Brad remembers to stay productive

[31:34] Awareness

[33:00] Book recommendations

[33:42] How Brene Brown affected Cam’s life

[36:10] Joining the Game Quitters Forum gives you people to talk to.

[37:14] You don’t need to be a gamer to get value from Cam Adair.

[39:19] We all have a story to share.

[42:46] As long as your story can affect one person, share it.

[43:34] Tips to increase your media pull

[43:35] Tip 1: The people in your network can help you more than you even know.

[44:02] Tip 2: Your story needs a hook.

[45:10] Tip 3: Be humble and open for suggestions.

[47:58] The purpose of media

Two key points:

  1. Cam use to be a hardcore gamer; therefore, he easily can relate to his audience.
  2. Cam was able to get into the Reddit space and be fairly successful as well.

Last question:

Cam wants you to think of anybody who is struggling with quitting video games or any other addiction and send them to http://gamequitters.com. Cam is also looking for others that have a similar journey as himself. If you have anything you want to change in your life or know anybody that wants to make a change, get in touch with Cam. Help Cam Adair help others to overcome the trials they have in their lives.

Reach Cam Adair at:

Facebook: Cam Adair

Instagram: @camerondare

Twitter: @camadair

Email: [email protected]

Resources mentioned:

Game Quitter Forum


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Dare Greatly by Brene Brown