Helping people level up by taking risks

Time stamped show notes: Stacy has two businesses; an international online gardening business and a new one, adventures for entrepreneurs. The first event is a circus.  01:01 Beta event will be May 3rd.  01:43 Circus for Entrepreneurs is literally that: trampolines, trapeze, clowning, etc. Take big risks to get into the next level and more grounded in […]

Look to those who’ve come before you for successful strategies

Time stamped show notes: LiJagger teaches women how to give their partners erotic massage. She’s grateful for meeting with Tamara and John today.  01:20 Challenge: Will start putting ads on Twitter (they’re more sex-friendly). No experience with Twitter advertising. Does anybody have any tips? Rules for video?  01:54 Question: Other than the fact that Twitter is more […]

Go meet your potential new clients in their own backyard

Time stamped show notes: Frank is the sales manager for the align virtual agency. He helps entrepreneurs who are making $50-100K per month. He’s starting a small mastermind, which will grow into a large program, to help entrepreneurs who are secretly struggling with addiction to break free through high-performance sobriety. He’s celebrating his new chapter […]

Sit with dark and twisty thoughts; learn to love your fear

Time stamped show notes: Brad helps people built Mastermind groups to help entrepreneurs increase their income in less time. He can add 6 figures to a business in as little as 5-10 hours a month. He’s been a part of 26 Masterminds, and has started 8 of his own. He’s grateful for being able to […]

Never underestimate the power of a group

Time stamped show notes: Kate is grateful to be out of the house. Her biggest challenge, as a former therapist, is figuring out how to coach people effectively. One hour-long call with her will not solve your problems. But consistent work will lead to transformation, if that’s what you choose.  01:33 Challenge: Tweak in terms of […]

Put yourself out there

Time stamped show notes: Russel is a healer and a teacher, spiritually and metaphysically. He also runs a design business and writes software. He has healed people on and off for ten years. He’s a teacher, a mystic, and a sorcerer.  03:17 Challenge: Getting over the fear of being seen.  03:32 Challenge: Putting myself out there.  03:38 Question: […]

Trust yourself; you can handle the thing you’re fretting about

Time stamped show notes: Teresa is a retired military veteran, who is now moving in to the world of real estate. She just got a permit to start listing on Airbnb. She’s grateful to be able to own a house in Encinitas. 01:15 Challenge: How do I make sure I know how to work with the […]

Building your clientele; get a clear vision on your role in the process

Time stamped show notes: Dave is a healing practitioner. He’s new to the area. He’s grateful that his daughter is coming to visit. 01:04 Challenge: Building up clientele. Just hired a marketing company to build a website and manage a Facebook page, I’m getting views and likes, but there’s not enough traction to get clients. How […]

Overwhelmed clients

Time stamped show notes: Kylie is the creator of Juicy Transformations. She helps creatives augment their own power. She’s celebrating playtime at the beach. 01:13 Wants to move faster on filling her retreat.  01:26 1 on 1 clients might be different than retreat clients.  01:50 Retreat clients are more up and coming, 1 on 1 clients more secure […]