Meditation for the resistant

Time stamped show notes: Brad helps people create Mastermind groups to help people increase their impact and their income in less time. He wants to help people build communities that help people serve themselves and the world so they can make more money, have more fun, solve more problems, and more. He’s grateful for a […]

Advice on Facebook

Time stamped show notes: Sylvia is the founder of the Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School. She’s been an executive coach for over 21 years. She’s in the process of transforming her business from brick and mortar to the online world. She’s grateful for her courage.  03:07 Challenge: Who has been active in any form of Facebook group? […]

Taking the first step

Time stamped show notes: Jack is celebrating finally having a website, having business cards, and being clearer on what he’s doing and who he wants to serve. He is a nutritionist and health coach. He works with people who have problematic relationships with food.  01:18 How do I get clients without spending too much money? I’m […]

To find your audience, define your audience

Time stamped show notes: Alan is a network practitioner. He helps people use bound energy in their body for effortless change in their life. He’s celebrating three new clients in the past five days and a newfound clarity on how he wants to serve people.  02:47 Challenge: Who exactly do I want to serve? How do […]

Putting yourself out there

Time stamped show notes: Russell is a teacher and a healer. He works in digital media and technology. He feels called to help people who struggle with suicidal thoughts. He’s grateful for new connections. 02:41 Challenge: Launching a new company and open to investment opportunities. 02:46 What’s the result you get for your clients? 02:52 It’s a disruptor […]

Start-ups for beginners

Time stamped show notes: Holly is grateful for accepting a new position that she feels great about, that allowed her to drop two jobs she was only so-so about. She works for a start-up. 00:55 Challenge: What are some good resources for someone who doesn’t have experience with start-ups? How can I find people who’ve been […]

Taking the second step

Time stamped show notes: Kurstin gives Master Classes to teach women to fully embody the strong and sensual as a huntress rather than figure out the masculine/feminine.  02:08 Challenge: I want to grow the program to a two-day emersion, but I don’t have a budget to market it or promote it. I want to utilize those […]

When something feels off, talk it out

Time stamped show notes: Kylie is the creator of Juicy Transformations. She helps entrepreneurs who have anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, loneliness, etc, come back to life. She’s celebrating overcoming challenge with ease. And, it’s her birthday. 01:48 Putting on a retreat called Alive, for successful entrepreneurs to come into their bodies, so they can come alive. Was […]

Leveraging social media platforms

Time stamped show notes: Giovanna is the author of Let Me Break it Down for You. She’s grateful for her Q&A experience at Eve.  01:34 Challenge: What is the best social media platform for Lives. Does Facebook Lives every Wednesday, “Wellness Wednesday, Holistic Happy Hour.” How do I figure out which platform to focus most on? […]

Don’t worry about the title, focus on the work

Time stamped show notes: John is passionate about exploring how we relax and tune in to feel the presence of our greater self, how we celebrate the highs and embrace the lows of life, and how we tap into our creativity and imagination. He’s thankful for family and friends.    02:19 I’m a coach, but I’m […]