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Attack of the Brain Pickers: Defend your energy by setting boundaries.

Time stamped show notes:

Ben is a life coach. He loves music. He's celebrating health and family.

01:16 Ben’s problem: Brain-pickers are dragging me down.

01:43 Ben: Is there a way to show up that still leaves space for the friendship but making it clear that I don't want to have these conversations anymore? Does anybody else go through this?

02:11 Question for Ben: what's your offer?

02:17 Leveling up through energy and nutrition.

02:20 Question: So what are the actual features of the offer?

02:23 Ben: 6 months, 3 calls a month – $4,995 – 30-45 year old male who's building a company born into wealth with addictive patterns. –> many are old friends 

03:25 Question: why are the brain-pickers an issue?

03:25 Ben: Too focused on time. Currently either ignoring them or feeling bored on the call.

03:53 Is the boredom stemming a lack of willingness to change? Unsatisfying conversation? Or time issue?

04:00 Ben: Both. Also, I need connection, so I need to set clear boundaries. I have the answers, but I'm not going to give that away for free. It's taken too much time and energy to get to where I am now.

04:44 Question: Have you taken steps to set boundaries?

05:12 Ben: Yes. 

05:10 Option: Block out “business hours.” Keep friends' conversations limited to after work, like a relationship. 

05:19 Option: Say you have 7 minutes. We can talk about whatever, but this is what I'd like to talk about. 

06:11 Option: Intro time slots on Calendly. 

06:51 Ben: trying to avoid coaching-type relationships with friends. Wants focused clients. 

07:15 Brad: Two hacks:  group sessions. 15-minute calls. 

07:43 Welcome to new folks. 

08:17 buildamastermind.com/challenge

Three key Points:

  1. It’s important to set boundaries.
  2. Carve out set times for the brain-pickers.
  3. Group sessions can be good for friends and non-clients.